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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Desperate for Help in the Ask The Experts forums; Ive tried to get through to technical assistance all morning, waiting for up to 15 minutes each try and then hanging up... no one is answering. I am 60 days ...
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    Desperate for Help

    Ive tried to get through to technical assistance all morning, waiting for up to 15 minutes each try and then hanging up... no one is answering. I am 60 days away from my next visit, when i go onto my disney experience it tells me i cant make fastpass+ reservations until May 1st! This doesnt make sense because I check in on April 26th Any help would be greatly appreciated since no one is answering at Disney!

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    Re: Desperate for Help

    Did you use a travel agent?
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    Re: Desperate for Help

    When I look at my page today (one day after your original post), it says I can make FP+ reservations starting May 2. I bet if you log in again today it will show you the same thing. It looks like it is showing you 60 days after the current date.

    I am a passholder, and I don't have any vacation package reservations linked to my account. I'm assuming that one or both of these facts is making me ineligible for FP+, and it's probably just a software glitch that is causing to fill in a date of 60 days in the future, rather than saying I don't have a reservation.

    Is your vacation somehow reflected in your profile? On the My Disney Experience page (, near the top below "Welcome, <your name>", is a link saying "connect additional reservations, tickets, or friends". Try clicking that, there's a little wizard to link your vacation plans to your account. You'll need a confirmation number and the last name from the reservation. I can't get any farther than that since I have neither, but the latest guidance I've received from Disney is that you need to be a resort guest with a ticket package in order to book FP+ in advance. Passholders and people not staying at Disney can only get day-of FPs from the in-park kiosks.

    If you are a resort guest with a ticket package, and your reservation is in fact already linked to your "My Disney Experience" profile, then it looks like a technical issue that only Disney can fix. Good luck...

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    Re: Desperate for Help

    Do you have tickets AND a reservation linked in your My Disney Experience profile? You need BOTH to make FP+ reservations.

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