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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Personalized Mickey Ears for Surprise in the Ask The Experts forums; We are taking our 4 year old son for his real first trip in May of this year. He went when he was 1 but of course doesn't remember it ...
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    Personalized Mickey Ears for Surprise

    We are taking our 4 year old son for his real first trip in May of this year. He went when he was 1 but of course doesn't remember it so we are treating this as his first trip. I wanted to get him his personalized mickey ears before we left and use them as the surprise moment of where we are going. I have looked at the Disney store online and even talked to the cast member and they said they no longer personalize the online ear orders. Does anyone know if I buy them online and we take them with us to the parks, will they personalize them at the parks? I am willing to pay extra for this so he has his name on them if necessary. Any information on this is very appreciated! Thanks!

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    Re: Personalized Mickey Ears for Surprise

    I'd skip the park and go through the parks merchandise directly. They can get you just about anything you wish. When they connect you directly with the Chapeau Shop they will be able to tell you if they can personalize them now or what you need to do to have them personalized when you get there.

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