Just wanted to give an update as requested on what I decided to do for my sister on our upcoming short Disney trip.

She let it slip a week or so ago that on our day at Epcot, she wished we could splurge on some meals across the countries. I jumped on it!!

So, we are having bfast in the room (as we plan to do every day to save money, only here is what she doesn't know....)I made reservations for her favorite two kinds of food for lunch and dinner in EPCOT!!
She loves Mexican food, so I made us lunch plans in San Angel Inn in the Mexico pavilion.

Her favorite food is fettucine alfredo, and she adores Italian food, so we have dinner plans in Italy!
I am surprising her, and I think she will love it. While she has had some counter service food, she hasn't had a chance to have a special sit-down meal in the countries, so I think she will like it.

Thanks for all the help guys, I will let you know about my trip and how it went when Dissylove and her sister return from our Road Trip!