I got this message from a visitor to my web site, I had not heard of these before and thought perhaps some of you may have seen something like this before.:

Hi! I happened upon your website of original postcards from Disney World while trying to research some original Disney World photos I have been passed down. I have tried to research these photos for years, with no luck. I am hoping you may be able to point me in the right direction. They are not postcards. They are photographs of what I believe to be one of the opening photos of Disney World and subsequent anniversary photos for the years following. All are original photos encased in gold frames with a blue matte and paper sealant over the backs. Cinderellas castle is centered in the center of each photo with various characters surrounding a greatly oversized birthday cake with a number on top (a large "candle" - number two and so forth). You can see the progress of Disney World through the additions and changes to Walt Disney World in the background, behind and beside the castle, in each picture as the numbers on the cake get higher. All of this in exception to the one with no birthday cake. This is the one I believe to be an opening photograph. Again, with the progrss in the background, Walt Disney World is clearly less evolved than the subsequent photos. These pictures came from a family member who retired from Walt Disney World as an engineer.
Can you give me any insight at all as to where I can find information on these photographs?? Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you soon!!