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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss new disney princess in the Ask The Experts forums; as i get each step closer to my trip i think of more and more things to ask you experts out there. i've had many many surgeries on my ears ...
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    new disney princess

    as i get each step closer to my trip i think of more and more things to ask you experts out there.

    i've had many many surgeries on my ears and it has left me crowned the newest disney princess "princess i get carsick even when the car isn't moving"

    i usually do fine at WDW (even on the roller coasters and body wars. the tea cups are the only thing i've ever had a big problem with), take some dramamine and know when i need to rest


    there was never anything like mission space before. i want to ride it so badly. . .

    i figured some of you out there might have some tips for calming my tummy on it.

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    I hate to say it but if you suffer from motion sickness you may want to pass on this ride. I personally didn't think it was such a great ride, but at the same time know people who actually loved it.

    If you decide to go on it, make sure you haven't eaten anything before you ride it.

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    I hated Mission Space. It made me sick to my stomach. The only ride I coudn't go on before Mission Space was the teacups so you may want to think twice about it. I'm not saying skip it but prepared....

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    I think you are supposed to make sure your head is absolutely still. That can lesson some of the issues. I didn't like it either and had to take off my glasses or it made me sick- but that may just be me.

    I will probably go on it if my youngest two want to go when we take them but we bypassed MS on our last trip.

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    i would say if you have a lot of problems that i would most likely skip it....i was fine, though the first time i went on it i was a little dad who is usually fine has only gone on it once and won't ride it anymore....but then again my brother who is the biggest chicken really loves it even though he usually has a weak i really guess it depends on how well you know yourself...they do have a ton of warnings posted so if you're even remotely worried about it, i'd advise against it.

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    I will never, never, never, ever ride MS again.
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    I hate spinning rides, but I LOVE Mission:Space. You really don't get that dizzy (well, at least I didn't) because of the way you are enclosed inside a capsule and you can't see anything spinning. You simply feel the simulated gravity on your body as you are accelerated or decelerated in your capsul. I found that it felt very similar to actually flying, and I really only got slightly dizzy when my depth of vision was messed with... an example of this is how I was fine as I'm staring straight out the window in front of me watching space whiz by, but then as soon as we went into "hypper-sleep" and the window iced over partly, the formation of the ice on the window brought my focus from some point out in space to a point just a few inches from my nose, and that was when I felt a little dizzy.

    I would say try it once and be your own judge, but if you really do get very motion sick very easily, maybe you better not. I dunno... hard to say without really knowing your limits. After all... you know you best. Oh, and if you do decide to ride it... definitely keep your head back against the headrest and don't look around. Just use your peripheral vision to locate the buttons to push and such.
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    Well I never get motion sickness and I got completely sick to my stomach on this ride. I loved the ride but my whole day was pretty much ruined after that because I didn't feel good enough to do other rides and stuff.

    Here is a tip, keep your eyes on the screen at all times. Don't look to the sides or you will get the spinning sensation and you will know that you are spinning. Then you will get completely out of wack. It's just like a dancer who is doing a spin, you need to focus on one point and not move your eyes from it.

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    My nephew and I rode it 3 consecutive times on our last trip. The glares we were getting from those who were recovering on the couches in the exit corridor were priceless.....

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    Ok, here was my Mission Space experience: I NEVER get motion sick on rides, had been told to hold my head still, the whole bit. I went shortly after it opened. I felt fine on the actual ride (until we were on Mars or wherever), but after I got off I was feeling incredibly woozy. We headed over to Ice Cool Station, and some sort of lemon-flavored soda actually settled my stomach (I highly recommend it, if it's out of rehab). I was fine the rest of the evening. Then later, at around ten o'clock that evening, when I'd already gotten back to my college dorm, I suddenly found myself throwing up! It was the strangest thing, and it wasn't due to food poisoning, as food poisoning tends to act quickly after eating. I figured it was some bug or fluke and went to bed. The next day, I mentioned my sickness in passing to a CM friend. She gave me a sideways glance - and then told me she's heard of the exact same thing happening to CMs who went on during the testing period; that they'd be fine, and then hours later get sick. Needless to say, I won't be riding it again. A shame, too, for the ride was fun. I'm satisfied with Soarin' now, though.

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