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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Is Two days enough in the Ask The Experts forums; Hi there i am going to Disney World in July and will only be able to spend two days there as my fiance has a business conference to go to. ...
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    Is Two days enough

    Hi there i am going to Disney World in July and will only be able to spend two days there as my fiance has a business conference to go to.

    Im just wondering if two days is enough time or are we going to feel like we have missed alot.

    Thanks for Replies in advance.

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    2 weeks is not enough! Honestly, it really depends on a lot of things:
    Have you ever been before? What do you really want to do? Will it just be 2 of you or will there be any children?

    July is a very crowded time of the year to be at the park, but that just means more will be open & they're open longer! I would suggest doing a little bit of research to see what's most important to you (the classics, meeting characters, dining, thrill rides or one of a kind experiences). Once you decide what is most important to you, it will be easier to decide if you will have enough time.
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    DWD is a huge property. Look at what's available and what you really want to see. Make your plans and do the best you can. Two days beats NO days. Depending on the crowds, you may find that it's more difficult to get onto everything you plan to, but if you make a list of priorities, you can work around them. I'd suggest priority seating for dinner if you have some restaurant preferences. You can call for those even before you leave home. Use fast pass for the MUST SEE rides, and sneak in some other events while you wait for your fast pass time. Have a great time. If you don't see it this time, it will still be there when you come back.
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    2 DAYS!!!!!! We were there for 5 and didnt see nearly 1/4 of what there is too

    Which parks are you going to? Pick out the ones that would most interest you and do 'em up right. WDW is huge and the average person would prob need 2 weeks to see everything. And that is minus small children in tow. Interesting trivia that I learned from the last PODCAST(thanks LOU!)
    MGM is 231 acres
    Magic Kingdom is 107 acres
    Epcot is 300 acres
    Animal Kindom is 500 acres
    That kinda gives you an idea of how big and that doesnt even include Downtown Disney or the Resorts
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    I agree with everyone here as well. I have done the parks in 10 days and still never saw or do half the things I wanted to do. Like everyone said make a list of everything you must see and do and if you can sneak in extra do it. The best way to see what there is to do is order a vacation planning video they are awesome and they help a lot. I order one every year.


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    The first time we took my niece, we only had 1 day. We focused on one park, as park hopping takes up time. We were at the Magic Kingdom from the time it opened until they were kicking us out of the park.

    So, depending on what you want to accomplish with your trip....2 days could be enough, or just enough to give you a taste. That, or you are not gonna want to go home (most likely).
    Do some research, buy a couple of guides, and decide what you want to see or do most and focus on that. Because you could get carried away trying to see as much as you can, and not enjoying what you do.
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    like many of us here, i have been going to WDW before i could walk so i know how it's difficult to conquer everything no matter how long your i have to agree with all the other posts that you should take stock of the most important things that you want to see and def make your seating reservations the 180 days in advance(190 if you're on property)...i took my best friend for her first time and we were able to do just about everything but we had 3 days...from my experience this is how we tackle the parks...magic kingdom is a full day, epcot is also a full day, mgm and animal kingdom can be half days...i don't know if that's helpful for a 2 day visit but that's usually how my family breaks it down...half the fun is in the planning, so enjoy and have a great trip!

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    I actually started writing a guide on how to see as much of WDW in as little time as possible. I was motivated by the fact that I had a couple friend who had never been before and I wanted to introduce them to the Disney magic, but I knew I would only have a day or two in which to try to sell them on it. Well, I finally was able to get one of those friends down there for one day and one day only. Needless to say, we ran around like mad men, hopped all over the place, tried to highlight three parks in a day, and he really didn't end up having all that great of a time. now I don't know if that was because it was too much effort to try to see it all in too little time, or if it was just because he was anti-Disney from before we even got there (he's a fan of... you know... that other park). Either way, it was not the best day, rather disappointing for him, and very discouraging for my efforts on writing that guide. I have since abandoned the project.

    I have a new attitude towards trying to see a whole lot of Disney in a very limited time. If you are returning visitors, or are at least well read up on what you intend to do and have a game plan all laid out well in advance, then you may just be able to accomplish what you set out to do. If you are a first time visitor, or just rather unfamiliar with the parks, do not even bother attempting to park hop and get it all done. you wont enjoy your experience even remotely as much as you would have if you had just stayed in one park all day and taken your time to soak in the magic.

    Now, I'm assuming you to be first timers, but I could be wrong. So instead of sending you from park to park in a day, spending time in transportation trying to get you into all the best rides and shows in each park, what I would suggest is to take a look at all the parks, and chose the two you feel most inclined to want to do. Do one the first day... all day, open to close if you can... and do as much of the parks as possible. Some parks, like MGM or DAK, you can do pretty much everything in a day if it's not too busy (although you're talking about July, so yes... it will be busy). MK can be mostly done in a day, but not if you really want to see everything. EPCOT is easily a two day thing. You can spend the better part of a day in Futureworld alone and not even get to the World Showcase. If you do chose a park and find yourself with time left over at the end of the day, having done all you wanted to do already, what i recommend for first timers is not to rush off to another park to see one or two things before closing, but instead to go and try a few other things at the park you are currently at, things you might not have originally wanted to try, or do your favorites from the day a second time. I bet you'll notice stuff you missed the first time. And who knows... you may even suprise yourself. I'm a self-proclaimed Magic Kingdom expert, and every once in a while I discover something new that i must have missed in the fifty previous times I've visited that attraction... and I'm there almost every week!

    I guess to sum up all that ranting and raving... two days is better than no days. definitely go and visit, but if this is your first time, don't try to see all of WDW in two days. You're better off to see two parks thoroughly, rather than four parks hurriedly. If this is a return trip and you already are one with the Disney magic and think you know what you want to do on your two days, then by all means, jump around. Just make sure you don't plan yourself into impossibility, thinking you're going to see a bazillion things in two days, especially if you're going in July!

    Good luck! And if you need any help, I'm always willing to try to answer questions about the parks!
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    Is two days enough? Of course not, but let me put it this way. I would rather spend two days in WDW then just about anywhere else so, enjoy you lucky stiff! I have to wait until November
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    Just pick the important things that you want to see. As other people have said, focus on one park a day. It takes a lot of time to hop from park to park. Enjoy some of the best attractions but make sure you see what you want to see. There are many different books out there that have plans for each park. The books describe which rides to hit first as to avoid long lines. I suggest looking into one of these books. Good luck and enjoy the two days that you are there.

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    Two days will leave you wanting more but how exciting for you. I'll bet you start planning a week long trip before you leave the parks lol. Don't freak out and try and schedule every minute of your day. Do you have park hoppers? If not, focus on the two parks you'd love to see most and spend an entire day in each one. Relax and don't get so wrapped up in trying to see everything that you don't enjoy what you do see. It really, really is a wonderful place and as a repeat WDW'er, I couldn't think of a more enjoyable way to spend two days in the summer. - Nancy-
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    In my opinion, two days is enough to see everything you really WANT to see, or if you make a list of I MUST go on it, and do slim pickings. I have managed to get through all of MK on a busy day when the park was filled to the max in April, however, that's luck. You also have to know where your going.

    Depending on when it is, you may be able to do it better if its not around the 4th. Will you feel like you missed some things? Definitely. Lines won't be your friends in July, but fastpasses will.
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    2 days huh!! me personally is not enough time, but since that's all you have, enjoy those 2 days.... If it's just the 2 of you, you should be okay get ready to hang from park opening to closing.... If you haven't gone before oh my, you will be so intranced by everything around.... First do all the things you want to do, whether it be rides, shows etc... then if there is time left, do the things you could live without.... Are you planning on taking pictures... get as many of those in, without taking up to much time..

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4Mickey
    2 weeks is not enough! Honestly, it really depends on a lot of things:
    Have you ever been before? What do you really want to do? Will it just be 2 of you or will there be any children?

    July is a very crowded time of the year to be at the park, but that just means more will be open & they're open longer! I would suggest doing a little bit of research to see what's most important to you (the classics, meeting characters, dining, thrill rides or one of a kind experiences). Once you decide what is most important to you, it will be easier to decide if you will have enough time.
    Very True. And as they have said your best bet is to do a nice priority list of what you want to do (and your budget) Although dont count on them being open toolate. For example...this past Sunday..Magic Kingdom was open until midnight AND for resort guests THEY HAD EXTRA MAGIC HOURS! THEY COULD STAY UNTIL 2AM!!!!!!! but that is the exception not the rule..if anything Disney likes shutting down parks a bit earlier during the summer....I've seen things like MGM shutting at 7 and so on and the normal split shut downs at Epcot. Just hope for the best and get those Extra Magic Hour wristbands if you stay at a Disney Hotel (incl swan/dolphin)

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    Usually I go during the last week of January, which IMO is one of the LEAST busiest times to go. This year, we ended up going last week. We only had two days to hop to all four parks. We only got about half of what we normally get done, so I'm guessing that if two days in Feb isn't enough time then two days in July will not be enough. Of course you might not be like me and not be destined to ride every single moving thing in every single park.

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