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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Downtown Disney in the Ask The Experts forums; In Downtown Disney what is at the marketplace also can some one tell me about the store World of Disney store...
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    Downtown Disney

    In Downtown Disney what is at the marketplace also can some one tell me about the store World of Disney store

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    Truthfully, I LOVE DOWNTOWN DISNEY!!!!!!!

    It's a definate place to go before leaving Orlando.
    My favorite, of course, is Cirque Du Soleil! Of Course it's a bit pricy, BUT WELL WORTH IT!
    The big Disney store is AWESOME there are a bunch of rooms filled with merchandise, my favorite being snow globes of course (they have a lot). They have a really cool lego section, i'm sure you can look up pictures of that. A bit down there's a Virgin megastore (HUGE store full of cds and other goods) Congos (haven't been there but I heard it's really good) and of course House of Blues! It's really cool there, they have performances some nights (i'm not sure if its every night?) And of course I can't forget Disney Quest which I've been once a few years ago but can't really remember. I'm sure there's someone else on here that knows a lot more than I do. I've been there a good 8 times, just can't remember much. All I remember is that there is A LOT to do and A LOT of fun to have there

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    Downtown Disney is HUGE. Cirque, Disney Quest, COngos and Virgin are all at one end. The Marketplace with World of Disney and many other themed stores(Once Upon a Toy, a Leggo store etc.)are at the other end, with Pleasure Island in the middle.

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    does my memory serve me correct--is there planet hollywood too? That round building thing? can't remember too good

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    you are correct....we usually eat at Wolfgang Puck's...i had veggi sushi there last time and it was soo fresh and yummy! downtown disney is a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon...the World of Disney is awesome! they have just about everything that you can get in the parks minus the ride specific stuff...great restaurants and shopping you just can't dad likes the sports store so he can look at all the disney golf fave is the legos and dress up even if i am 24, besides it embarasses my bro when i put on a princess tiara!

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    The World of Disney store is where you can find just about any kind of merchandise you can think of. More like clothes, toys, souvenirs, etc. There's a room for guys, room for gals, room for accessories (jewelry, handbags), and other items. I will be honest, it can be very crowded in there, and sometimes chaotic. So stick with the group. And you really cannot miss it, either. You'll see big characters (?) on the front of the store. It's right by the water, too. The marketplace is pretty much where the main Disney merchandise stores and food shops are. Here's my suggestion: Go to, click on images, and then put "Downtown Disney Map" and I'm sure someone has a map of Downtown Disney. You should also do that for the other theme parks to give you a head start. I did forget to mention there is a Planet Hollywood (so to alalune042, you're right). Only go there if you're willing to wait. The first and last time (well, I did go to another one in Seattle) I'll ever go, b/c I cannot tolerate the smell. Eck! Let me know if you've other questions. I love helping out.

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    Downtown Disney Marketplace is the best place to go if you can't find what you are looking for in the parks or if you are looking for gifts for other people.

    World Of Disney- It's almost like a Disney Store but HUGER it has a room for plush toys, clothing, toys & more! It also sells really yummy confectionary near the front.

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    Downtown Disney Marketplace has the following stores:
    - Pin Trading Station
    - World of Disney
    - Bibidi-bobidi-boutique (yeah i know i spelled that wrong!)
    - a new "adventure store" taking place in part of World of Disney opening soon.
    - Basin (bath store, bath bombs, etc.)
    - Surf and Sand (Beach store, tommy bahama, swimsuits, etc.)
    - Team Mickey (sports gear)
    - Arrabias Brothers (glassware, crystal, etc.)
    - Once Upon a Toy
    - Boat Rental Place
    - Rainforest Cafe
    - Discount store "Everything Under 10 dollars"
    - Pet Store (all pet stuff.)
    - Art of Disney store
    - Christmas Store
    - Earl of Sandwich
    - Goofy's Kitchen (candy and stuff)
    - Lego Store
    - McDonald's
    - Winnie the Pooh store (currently World of Disney Kids, not sure what else is happening to it after the remodel of World of Disney is done with!)
    - Stationary/Book store that I can't think of the name right now... (on the same side as art of disney, so maybe the same name?)
    - Fulton's Crabhouse is on that end but more considered Pleasure Island

    and I think that's about it besides the little stands and whatnot.
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