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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Pal Mickey - yes or no? in the Ask The Experts forums; Have read lots of contradicting reports about Pal Mickey. Has anyone bought one? Did you feel it was worth the money, and what can he do when you get him ...
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    Pal Mickey - yes or no?

    Have read lots of contradicting reports about Pal Mickey. Has anyone bought one? Did you feel it was worth the money, and what can he do when you get him home?

    Thanks for any thoughts.

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    I have never bought one, but have though seriously about it. Jerrame bought one on our trip in February and it is really cute.
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    In 2004 we bought a pal mickey, a very good buy! my 5 year old sister loves it plus we got great tips when parades were and where characters were in the park. It tells about a million disney jokes and has several games that you can play when you get home. In 2005 we ended up buying another one that was a special 50th celebration one that would only be a limited of time so we bought a second one. mickey has a gold bowtie and a tuxedo thats very cute and it is exactly like the original. overall i loved it and thought it was very useful and a disney world must
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    Can someone explain to me what a pal mickey is exactly?

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    Pal mickey is awesome and worth the money even for the disney enthusiast.
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    Some more opinions and descriptions are in this thread:
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    I've never been sure whether I wanted to buy one or not. A little expensive for my tastes.
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    If you get lucky, sometimes you can find Pal Mickey at the Disney outlet stores.
    Pal Mickey is a larger plush Mickey with electronics inside. He runs on batteries that need to be installed with a *****driver. When you enter or leave Magic Kingdom, Epcot or Studios, Mickey begins to talk to you. There are sensors around the parks that make Mickey talk. He says different things going into the park than when you are leaving. I think the "million jokes" is a bit of an exageration, but he has a pretty good repertoire. Pal Mickey is aimed at children, but I enjoy mine. He needs to be turned off when you go into places where you don't want Mickey to start talking, but that's easy enough to do. He is heavy and I built a harness for my Pal Mickey to help support the weight while walking in the park. I think the newer versions come with a strap of some sort rather than just a clip to attach to a belt. He is supposed to be carried at about hip height. I don't know if he'd work if he was inside a backpack. He is difficult to hear in the noisey areas of the park, but he vibrates before he begins to talk so you can put him up to your ear to hear his bit of trivia, joke, or notice of an event to begin soon.
    When you get Mickey home, you can play a couple of games with him by squeezing his hands. Hope that answers your question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mini-V
    When you enter or leave Magic Kingdom, Epcot or Studios, Mickey begins to talk to you.
    Don't forget the Animal Kingdom, where PM seems to be at his talkiest.

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    I absolultely love my pal Mickey. The only thing that is of any complaint is that he is somewhat cumbersome to carry around the parks all day especially when it's hot and you have a husband who wants you to carry everything in your fanny pack. But he is funny and informative. I also like to start playing the games with him at home a few weeks before we leave for the parks, gets me ready to go!!

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    I bought mine on Ebay for like twenty bucks. It is pretty informative but he isn't too loud, you have to hold him to your ear. All in all I think it was a good investment for the price I paid, plus the kids love to hear his jokes at home. If you can get one for cheap on Ebay go for it, don't think I would have paid $65 for it.

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    My sister bought a Pal Mickey 2 years ago and fell in love with it. As others have said, PM gives really good tips on rides, shows, charactor sightings, parades,ect. He also helped my nieces pass time when we waited in line for rides/shows and the parades.

    My husband and I bought one last October with the 50th anniversary. It was our 3rd Anniversary and I woke up to Pal Mickey on the pillow next to me. I LOVE Pal Mickey!!!! Mine has a strap that he hangs from versus my sisters who has a clip which is difficult. I think they came out with the straps due to so many complaints about PM falling off the clips.

    For us, the 65.00 is worth it as PM will go back with us on every trip we make. I also pull him out of our "disney box" occasionally to get me in a Disney Mood.
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    I cheaper way to find Pal Mickey is at 'character premiere' stores. These stores are actual Disney stores owned and operated by Disney. They are unlike the Disney store, which is owned by children's place (if im not mistaken). Character Premiere brings last season items, overstocked items, etc. to their various location and sells them dirt cheap. I have seen Pal Mickeys being sold there on quite a few occasions.

    As for locations of these stores, there is one in Sawgrass Mills Mall in Ft. Lauderdale and at the Orlando Premium Outlets, about 10 min. from WDW. If anyone else knows of more locations, please share.

    (you can also find tons of other things like souvenirs, apparel, pins, etc. at these stores...that is my favorite place to buy my WDW merchandise)
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    i dunno if the new Happiest celebration PM's do this since I havent tried mine out yet but I know that with the older ones, if you go by the stitch ride he starts talking about alien encounter.. unles they changed this.. I had only taken my PM with me once...Anyone know if they updated it?

    I love it when he is scared of a spash mountain lol.. it made me want to hug him! And now Ive seen outfits for PM! Ive seen a pin trader outfit, a MM Club outfit and even A Poncho which is the sweetest thing ever if you ask me! Id so get my PM a poncho!
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