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Poll: Should adults wear Mickey ears in public?

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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Ears - yes or no? in the Ask The Experts forums; For our trip this year, I would love new MM ears as I had mine when I was 8 and they are a bit tatty now! However, my bf says ...
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    Ears - yes or no?

    For our trip this year, I would love new MM ears as I had mine when I was 8 and they are a bit tatty now! However, my bf says that no-one over 16 should wander through the parks wearing plastic ears and that he doesn't want to look stupid! I pointed out the benefits of them, as they will stop the top of his head burning, but no dice. He says I will already look ridiculous carting round my pal mickey and that if I put ears on too, then park security will have me removed! He has never been before, but to be honest I don't remember seeing too many adults wearing ears!

    What do the rest of you think?

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    Why not wear them? They have so many cool styles of mouse ears out

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    I like my Minnie Mouse head band type ears, I also have a hat from AK with ears that I wear when I need sun protection.

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    there's no reason not to wear mouse ears! where else could you walk around w/ mickey mouse ears and be considered perfectly normal? my mom just bought the golden ears on our last trip.

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    You need a new bf! Anyone who has a "thing" about mouse ears doesn't deserve a true mouseketeer gf.
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    There are always TONS of people of all ages wearing mouse ears...not to mention the goofy top hats with the ears dangling off them. and the aladin turbans, and pirate hats. and remember back in the day, when almost all the hats were the characters heads? i myself have a daisy hat circa 1993. last time i was at the park, there was a whole bridal party wearing the ears, with the bride and groom wearing the special wedding day ears. where else in the world can you put on the ears and not get looked at twice? wear them! loud and proud!
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    I had mouse ears when I was 4, and I'm hoping to get a new pair for my birthday this year, and was going to wear them(I'm going to be 20) and then wearing them again when I go at new years as BF loves to wear his Sorcerer's hat.(my ex loved his too),

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    EVERYONE wears ears there...especially now, during "Wedding Season," there are TONS of newlyweds with the bride and groom ears on. I wear them once and a while and I don't feel out of place or weird one bit!

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    lots of people wearing ears at the World. why not wear them?

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    I don't enter the parks without something on my head. For me it's normally Stitch ears or a tiara.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pigeon
    ... i myself have a daisy hat circa 1993.
    Yeah buddy! That was my very first souvenir!!!!

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    Lots of adult wear mickey ears. Entire families, couples, and kids of ALL ages wear Mickey ears. I'm twenty-one. I still wear mickey ears.
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    Yeah I agree lots of adults wear them so why not wear them. I have and im a adult.
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