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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Happy Feet in the Ask The Experts forums; This will be my first trip to WDW as a "menopausal" woman-with very hot feet. All the advice is to wear sneakers, but I just melt with them. Anybody have ...
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    Question Happy Feet

    This will be my first trip to WDW as a "menopausal" woman-with very hot feet. All the advice is to wear sneakers, but I just melt with them. Anybody have any suggestions for shoes that won't tear up my feet or overheat me? Has anyone worn Birki's walking around the parks?

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    That's all my mother ever wears when she goes to a park. She wore Birks the entire time we were at Busch Gardens and she was going strong after 8 hours - so I think you'll be good.

    However, I'd suggest bringing a towell with you, just in case your feet get wet. No worse feeling than squishy feets on leather shoes.
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    Birkis or flip flops. Whatever you can do to get your feet wet and cool
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    I've got a pair of sketcher sandals that I like. Basically, wear whatever is comfortable for you usually. Of course, the more protection you can give your toes against strollers the better off you'll be. Invest in a good foot scrub to pamper your feet at the end of the day. I found that helpful on a recent trip walking around Vienna and Rome.
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    The Body Shop has a line of cooling foot products that I highly recommend for tired feet. I brought the spray with us on our May trip, and it saved us many times! At first my husband made fun of me for spraying my tootsies each and every moment I could, but by the end of the trip he was doing it too! The cooling leg gel is awesome as well. It feels great for achy calves (legs, not baby cows). You can also use the cooling leg gel on your feet and you don't slide around in your shoes like with lotion.

    go to body, then foot care, and their whole line appears.

    There are also Body Shops in many airports in case you don't have one in your hometown!


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    In all honesty, the newest trend at WDW (i just came back this wk from 4th of july trip) for shoes is CROCS. Funny thing is, I own a pair too. They are light weight, comfortable and won't get wet and damp. My brother runs a shoe dept at a major department store and he gave them to me. I never get tired or hot. They are cheap and efficient. Hope this helps, and have fun!
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    I second the CROCS idea. They are the ugliest and oddly, the most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet. Don't worry about looking foolish, I'd say a good 30% or more people wear them there. And for around $30 a pair, they are not too bad on the budget.

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