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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss The Frowning Clown in the Ask The Experts forums; I have read in a number of locations on the web that the "frowning clown" has been removed from the "It's a Small World" ride in the DLR. I was ...
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    The Frowning Clown

    I have read in a number of locations on the web that the "frowning clown" has been removed from the "It's a Small World" ride in the DLR. I was at DLR last year and remember (or at least think I remember) seeing him still hanging from his hot air ballon, holding his "Help" sign and frowning . . . is it certain that he is no longer in the ride? What about at MK?


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    The clown (I believe) is still there. Since they just made a new entrance and enhanced the sound, I don't believe they were taking out characters in it also.
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    The sad clown is no longer at MK in WDW. I looked and looked for him last June 2005 when we went thinking maybe they just moved him, but STILL could not find him a few weeks back while we were there. Not sure why they removed him.

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    Ricky Brigante's "Inside the Magic" podcast reported a few weeks ago that the frowning clown was replaced by one that is smiling...maybe they didn't want it to seem like he hated the ride...although with that music, everyday, all day, who can blame him?

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    Aw man, they took the frowning clown out of It's A Small World? He was the only one who wasn't smiling! I'll miss looking for him. :'(
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    i could have sworn i saw him...maybe its my imagination!
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