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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Can I check in? in the Ask The Experts forums; Hey everyone, me and my friend are planning on going to WDW in August but we are both 17 and our parents aren't coming. Will we be able to check ...
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    Can I check in?

    Hey everyone, me and my friend are planning on going to WDW in August but we are both 17 and our parents aren't coming. Will we be able to check in to the hotel being under 18? We have licenses and everything, but will we be able to get a room? If anyone knows, that'd be great, thanks.

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    I dont know of any hotel chain that allows under 18 rent a room. Some you have to be at least 21. I would expect Disney properties have the same rules. Try calling CRO to find out.

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    I don't think you will be able to since you are still a minor at 17, and cannot legally enter into most contracts. When you register and sign in you are basically signing a contract so that if you cause any damage the hotel can hold you responsible. The best thing to do is call the hotel you plan to stay at and ask their policy. Many years ago when I worked at an ocean front hotel in FL we would not rent to anyone under 18.

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    Disney rule is 21, but BF and I checked in(19 and 20 at the time). I don't remember if they asked to see our ids. BF(20) did show his cause the lady couldn't spell his last name.

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    In '96, two friends and I went to Disney to celebrate our high school graduation. Two of us were 18 and one was still 17. We had no difficulty, so I don't think the 21+ thing is correct, but I'm not sure about both of you being under 18 still.

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    i went with my friends at age 17. This is what I did. The book was reserved by my father but he said I would be checking in for him. So he gave both his name and mine. It worked out fine and I looked pretty old for my age at the time s they didnt give me any trouble. Plus, most of the time, they check your ID for the correct name of the reservation, not necessarily the age. Good luck!
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