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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss What's WDW like for New Years? in the Ask The Experts forums; Hello, We're going to WDW on December 31st, then staying until January 13th, so we're going to be there for the New Year's Eve party, then almost two weeks afterwards... ...
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    What's WDW like for New Years?


    We're going to WDW on December 31st, then staying until January 13th, so we're going to be there for the New Year's Eve party, then almost two weeks afterwards...

    I'm curious if anyone has ever been there during this time, and what they thought of it? Were there any crowds? Were there a lot of things closed because not many people were there? I'm told it will be busy until about the 2nd of January, then the crowds slow down, but I don't want the parks to be a ghost-town....

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    New Years Eve is really busy. The crowds leave by the 3rd and then it's pretty quiet after that.

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    New Years Eve

    I've been to WDW twice for New Years Eve and yes it is busy but it is worth it. I've loved it - I would go every year if it weren't for the fact that my husband is a school teacher and has to be back at work on the 2nd of January most years. I've spent midnight at Epcot both years, it has a more adult feel (you can buy alchohol as you walk around) I've heard from others that Magic Kingdom is the most crowded and more family oriented for the event. The ticket taker informed us that if the park hits capacity you may not be let in but it has only happened on one Eve and that was the millenium celebration.

    I'm sure you will enjoy your trip - my suggestion is to make your dinner reservations now otherwise it will be difficult later.


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    i've heard that the parks are MOBBED.

    my b/f and i are going to the putt putt places on new years eve...does anyone know of those are packed? we're going earlier in the day so we're not on the road at night w/ all the crazies

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    I worked New Years in '04. SLAMMED, all day. Be willing to wait a lot and, if possible, do any big meals outside the parks. Getting food in the evening will be the toughest if you're wanting sit down food. Counter service, check with who you think you might end the evening with to check the close time. At PVH we closed 2 hours before the park, people weren't thrilled about that. If you want a good spot for the fireworks at midnight, stake them out early.

    wow, i just checked the date on this thread. ok, i have no knowledge of what the miniature golf courses are like that night. i'd think they wouldn't be packed since more people would want to see the parks for the celebration.
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