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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Birthday pin? in the Ask The Experts forums; Hi everyone, When me and my family go down to WDW , we will be down there for wife's(feb 8th) and my son's (feb 5th)birthday. A co-worker of mine told ...
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    Birthday pin?

    Hi everyone, When me and my family go down to WDW , we will be down there for wife's(feb 8th) and my son's (feb 5th)birthday. A co-worker of mine told me to go to a place on Main Street and get a birthday pin and then the cast members treat the birthday person extra special. Is this true? If so what do they do?

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    You can go to Guest Services at any of the parks and get a Birthday Pin. There are no guarantee's for special treatment, but at the very least your wife and son should get lot's of "Happy Birthday" wishes thoughout their day! Be sure to add the fact that it is their birthday on your hotel reservation as well as any meal reservations that you may have! You never know what little bit of Disney Magic might be sprinkled over you!

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    I've heard that I can order celebration cakes at some sit down restaurants. Is this true? One of my friends will have her b-day while we are there.

    Does anyone know the cost?
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    theres already a thread on this with more info

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    supposedly if you make sure that a ride operator sees the pin on Space Mt., you get a "special surprise"
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    You can also get birthday pins at guest services at Animal Kingdom. Just keep in mind that there are no guarantees for "special treatment". I wore my pin all day in Magic Kingdom and heard nothing. However, I had three cast members in Studios offer to sing Happy Birthday to me on the street. Now when I now visit the park, I keep an eye out for people wearing birthday pins and wish the wearer a happy birthday.
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    It's really a hit or miss with the pins. My cousin wore hers at MK one day & the Mayor of main street & another singing group (not the dapper dans) made her stand in the middle of Main Street while they sang "Happy Birthday" to her. (see attachment). The next day at EPCOT, 3 of us got to ride Test Track again because he saw her button, but it really just depends on the CM. Some will just look at you & say, "Happy Birthday" which would be good enough for me.
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    I went over my birthday last year and had so many birthday wishes that it started to drive my friends crazy! I enjoyed it tho. I also found out that I share a birthday with Chip and Dale.... lol!

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    There is already a thread for this but...

    there are different birthday pins at Epcot, Downtown Disney, and Animal Kingdom. Magic Kingdom and MGM have the same birthday button.

    They are fun to wear. I have all of them. :-)
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    How cool!

    My sister's b-day is Feb 5th!

    Lol how fooney
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