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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Indiana Jones Attractions in the Ask The Experts forums; It's strange that Disneyland built an "Indiana Jones" Ride yet Disney World instead has the "Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular" . Usually, both theme parks replicate the same attraction. As an ...
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    Indiana Jones Attractions

    It's strange that Disneyland built an "Indiana Jones" Ride yet Disney World instead has the "Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular" . Usually, both theme parks replicate the same attraction. As an example I offer "Star Tours".

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    I think it's smart to put some different rides/attractions in WDW and DLR b/c it makes people want to go to both, instead of assuming they have seen it all by just going to one or the other.

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    Speaking purely for myself, but two different styles of Indy attractions?

    It's all rock 'n roll to me.

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    Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular opened 1989. Imagine a small movie lot amusement park that was competing against Universal Studios. MGM was frowned on by some people also. They needed a big name movie tie in. 1989 was when Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was released and thus they could do a movie tie in and some advertising.

    Disney has been doing stuff related to other Disney entities since the beginning of DL including the Matterhorn's tie in to Third Man on the Mountain.

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    The Indiana Jones Adventure in Disneyland uses the same ride vehicle as Dinosaur (although Indy was first). The storyline for Indy (IMHO) is much better than Dinosaur.

    One interesting note, both attractions use the same track layout.


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    I never got to ride the on IN DL bc i was too young! ugh..i think they should build it in WDW too! It looked like a lot of fun..and the show is getting old!

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    The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular was created for Disney-MGM Studios because of what that park was all about: the magic of the movies. When the Studios opened, even more so than today, the attractions were mostly about memorable movie moments and how movies were made. It wasn't trying to be a thrill park.

    The Disneyland Indiana Jones Adventure opened in 1995, almost six years after the Stunt Spectacular.

    Don't forget, Disneyland Paris has a completely different Indiana Jones attraction: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril roller coaster. Tokyo DisneySea has Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull. There was a lot of inspiration in those movies!
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