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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss wedding tips please!! in the Ask The Experts forums; I am getting married at the Boardwalk in October, intimate wedding, and I could use some tips on making it a great day. I also would like some advice on ...
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    Unhappy wedding tips please!!

    I am getting married at the Boardwalk in October, intimate wedding, and I could use some tips on making it a great day. I also would like some advice on sending gifts to the room for the people whom made the trip. Anything will be appreciated!!! I am starting to panic, because I think that things will not go as smooth as I want. HELP!!

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    to DWT, holliebou!

    Congratulations! How exciting to be starting your marriage at the happiest place on earth! First tip for making it a great day: relax!!! You're in the most capable hands anywhere! Talk to them about your concerns, I'm sure they have all kinds of suggestions.

    As for sending gifts, you might try or for gift baskets (or at least gift basket ideas).

    Good luck and best wishes!!!
    -Pat (Disneydame2004)
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    hey Hollibou...

    Conratulations first of all!!!

    My wife and I were married at the Wedding Pavillion and had our reception at the Grand Floridian in 2003. I would just talk to your wedding planner. Ours was Michelle...f you can work with her...DO IT!!! She was amazing, we actually kept in touch with her because we both missed her so much after the wedding was done.

    There really seems to be NOTHING that they CAN"T do for you at WD Weddings...

    If you have an particular questions feel free to email me with them...our wedding day was AMAZING!!! And I would be happy to help with anthing I could.

    Good Luck,
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    I would love to do what you're doing. I think these folks are right...relax and let those disney people do their jobs! I'm sure they can help you.

    And to those of you who have done it, or are doing it worth all the money? I have a 25th anniversary coming up, and since I never had a 'real' wedding (yep, I had shotgun at the county courthouse), I would LOVE to renew my vows at WDW....if only I could get DH to show up.... ;-)
    I DID IT!! I finished the ToT 13K! It was actually harder than I ever imagined to be honest. BUT I just kept moving, just keep moving...(could barely move AFTER the race, lol)

    Next trip: ???? I almost always have one on the horizon, but given the economy...who knows when I'll get back after this trip!!

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