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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Splash Mountain Disney World vs. Disneyland in the Ask The Experts forums; I'm not sure if this has been brought up on this site before (if it was I apologize, I couldn't find it), I have read speculation elsewhere online that there ...
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    Splash Mountain Disney World vs. Disneyland

    I'm not sure if this has been brought up on this site before (if it was I apologize, I couldn't find it), I have read speculation elsewhere online that there are major differences between the Disneyland and Disney World "Splash Mountains". Is this true? Which is more thrilling? Which has more drops? Just wondering.

    Also, since this is the only major ride at Disney World I have not gotten to ride, how does the dropping compare to Tower Of Terror? Do you get the same kind of "free-fall" experience or is it less/more intense than Tower Of Terror?
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    This is quoted from the internet site
    Splash Mountain - Overall, much nicer queue and ride setup at TMK. TMK sits people side by side, DL sits front to back. The splash area at TMK is large and ends up "splashing" guests on a bridge that takes them over to that section, while at DL the logs end up going out near the River's of America where the Keel Boats pass. The order of the ride scenes is a bit different at both locations as well. At TMK, you see a preview of the drop photo in a picture frame (monitor) while in line, and at DL your boat goes under an animated Owl who shows it to you right before you get off. The TMK queue looks down upon one of the final Brer Rabbit scenes, while DL has a shadow of Brer Frog (is this right or am I mixed up?) you can see and listen to. Splash is in Frontierland at TMK, and in Critter Country at DL.

    If you wanted to take a look at the ride from the inside there is a video on youtube.
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    They are pretty similar with WDW being a bit longer. The Disneyland version has more animatronics because many of them were taken from America Sings. At Disneyland you sit single file, where at WDW you sit two by two. WDW's music has more of a country twang with banjos and such. Disneyland's also has Brer Rabbits mother singing an additional song at the bottom of the big drop called "Burrow's Lament". Here are the ride layouts:

    It doesn't have to same feeling that ToT has during the drops. It's not very intense at all and it's so quick that even if it was it wouldn't matter.

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