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Ask The Disney Experts Discuss Honestly in the Ask The Experts forums; how bad is mission space? i havent had a chance to ride the intense version yet, but i want too, is the media just trying to scare people (as usual) ...
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    how bad is mission space? i havent had a chance to ride the intense version yet, but i want too, is the media just trying to scare people (as usual) or is it really bad?
    i want to ride it and am probably going to either way.. but i just want to know...

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    I really did not like it.

    My husband, however, liked it a lot and would go on it again.

    I do wonderfully on roller coasters, drops, fast things, etc, but I get motion sick on simulator rides and spinning (no Star Tours and Teacups for me!). Needless to say, since Mission:Space is a simulator ride that spins in a ginormous centrifuge, it made my tummy say "oh no thank you".


    I figured it would probably make me feel a bit queasy, but I went on it once. I have to try everything once. Don't let yourself get too scared my it! You're the only one who can tell if you can handle it or not. That being said, make sure you're healthy first.

    Just my two cents!!


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    I can't really help you since I went with the diet version, which in my opinion, is still a lot of fun! The intense version spins you around and I just didn't want to risk feeling sick for the rest of my visit.

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    Went on all of the bigger rides in Disney (and a couple of other parks nearby) with my 2 sons in January But my 5 Year old was to small to ride mission! Didnt know what to expect really?? It does make you fell a bit queasy But no more than any other intense thrill ride, We did fell a bit claustrophbic tho which was strange because I have never felt that before??? Im a 37 year old male and sam my oldest son was 7,We both really loved it and are looking forward to going on again in Feb Sam thought mission was brill but didnt like the drop on splash mountain tho LOL If your in good health go for it you wont regret it.
    cheers Paul

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    I think the media hyped it up a bit. I went on M:S the day after it opened and it was fine. BUT you should follow the advice Disney gives you. If you indeed do get motion sickness on simulators or the teacups, don't do it. The only reason the boy had sadly passed away was from a unknown heart condition that was affected by the ride. Think of it this way, if you cannot handle the Teacups or Star Tours (Or a mix of the two), don't go. I am glad Disney tried to make people more aware of the effects. But I am not happy on how the media hyped it up and made the ride look like a death trap. Even the ABC news station here in Tampa hyped it up, discussing how the boy "died from the ride".

    To myself though, part of the whole ride is the G's! I have always wanted to go into space myself, and it helps me relive a dream (somewhat) every time. I get excited and even screamed like a girl when I 1st went on it (before the intense split).

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    Definitely make sure you don't have any heart conditions or anything before you go on it. Disney is just trying to make people aware. Yes they over warn you a lot of the time, but you should listen.

    No one has ever died FROM the ride. They have all had previous conditions that were aggrivated from the ride. The ride itself never cut off anyone's head or anything. It was all that they had medical conditions before, so just be careful.

    Oh, and they DO have barf bags onboard incase you get air sick.
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    After reading the other responses, I think I'll throw in my two cents also....

    I love thrill rides. I HATE, however, simulator rides and spinny rides. The tea cups, Star Tours, and Body Wars are the only three rides in all of Disney that I absolutely refuse to go on because they make me sick. With this information in hand, I apprehensively took my first ride on M:S soon after it opened. After all, it was a new ride and I have to try everything at least once with it comes to Disney! Anyway, I will admit that I was feeling a bit disoriented when I got off the ride, not sick, not really dizzy, just not right, but as soon as I hit the fresh air I was fine. Actually, I went about a year later on a trip with my boyfriend who was in a panic about the ride all morning. We honestly walked up to the health warning sign and read it at least 10 times, walking away to do something else every time, before he was ready to ride. Granted, this was right after that unfortunate incident with the little boy. When it was all said and done and we got off the ride he looked at me and said "that's it?". I suppose the Gs that you feel make it pretty cool, but the ride itself just isn't that thrilling, in my opinion.

    I will offer one word of advice though... follow Disney's instructions when they tell you to face forward at all times. Don't close your eyes or try to look around the little compartment you're in because it'll make spinning part of the experience feel ten times worse!

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    I think I will add my bit aswell.

    Out of every ride in the whole of disneyworld it was the only one that made me sick.

    The whole g-force thing killed me! Although my mother is a little fearfull of even big thunder mountain but mission space was her absolute favorite ride! I guess it just depends on the person who rides it because different people all react differently.

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    I love MISSION:Space it is such a thrill and it isn't really that bad. You barely notice the spinning it is sort of like the Gravitron only more fun and less dizziness.

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    People make a big deal over the g's on this ride. Most would be suprised to know that g-force you experience on the launch of Rock 'n' Roller Coaster over at MGM is twice as aggressive as what you feel during Mission Space. The difference is that the exposure to the forces on launch at R'n'RC is short lived, while in Mission Space you are exposed to them for several seconds at a time, giving you more time to think feel it and think about it I guess.

    Honestly, I can handle just about any coaster or thrill ride thrown at me now. I used to scream and carry on like a baby over anything with a drop larger than the one on Pirates of the Caribbean, but ever since I got over that, no speed is too fast, no drop is too far, and no loop is too intense. HOWEVER, I cannot do Tea Cups or anything similar to that, or else risk becoming VIOLENTLY, VIOLENTLY ill very quickly. So needless to say, I was a little aprehensive about trying Mission Space my first time too. But I'm the type to try everything once, and so I went, and I'm very glad I did.

    For some reason, despite my non-existent ability to hold my stomach on spinning rides, Mission Space has almost no effect on me whatsoever. I believe that this is most likely because of the fact that you are inside an enclosed capsule with no windows, so you don't see the world spinning around and around outside of you. You sense it a bit, but Disney does such a good job of synching the g's up with the movie and the other simulation effects (the bouncing, tipping, jostling, etc.), that you can really be convinced that the g's you are feeling are being created by your rapid forward acceleration, rather than an artificially created centrifugal force.

    In my opinion, as long as you keep your head back against the head rest and avoid any sudden, unnecessary head movements (even the few tasks they give you to do can be done using your peripheral vision and require almost no head movement), and just look out your "window" (the screen in front of you), you can very easily forget that you are actually spinning. I don't get sick on this ride. I never have. But I know that if I ever went back on the tea cups again I certainly wouldn't be making any best friends with CMs that day, I assure you. But for some reason, a number of people do tend to be bothered by this ride.

    I suggest you try it and decide for yourself, assuming you don't have any known conditions that could be aggravated by the ride, or that you are not prone to motion sickness or claustrophobia (the capsules are quite cramped once the instrument panel comes down). If you're cool with it medically, try it. Then you can tell us whether or not you thought it was over-hyped media hysteria, or truley over-the-top intense.
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    I have a high threshold for high octane rides... usually... If anything, I'm not partial to things like the teacups, but I go on them anyway, like the dufus I am. Luckily I do not have any health conditions. I didn't know how I would react to Mission:Space, but I had no initial hesitations on getting on it for it's inagural mission. I like it, thought it was alright, nothing spectacular. But when we were about to get on Living with the Land about 15 minutes after riding it, I began to feel queasy, was having trouble standing and had a massive headache. I don't know the reason I felt this way, maybe because my internal organs had stopped spinning, but I haven't been on it since because I'm scared of the outcome :/ Call me a chicken, I don't want to repeat how bad it made me feel, ever. I say, give it a try if you don't have any health issues holding you back. There's no harm in trying something, but for me, I can do without it.
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    I went on MS last year and it was GREAT fun!! But, be sure to keep your eyes on the screen! Stupid me, I look to the side and immediately felt the spinning. It just made me a little disoriented and nothing else. Get yourself checked if you have to, but don't miss this ride! The media has definitely blown this out of proportion!

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    Yes, the media tends to over exagerate things, and this was one of them. The worst I flet was just a little dizzy, but thats it. Listen to what they tell you before you board the ride, don't look to the side*ahem* and just don't worry! It is an awesome ride, from my point of view. However, I am also a thrill seeker..

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    I love the new version of Misson:Space, it's almost to simple, I'm thinking of trying the traditional ride when I'm there in a couple weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cameo View Post

    I will offer one word of advice though... follow Disney's instructions when they tell you to face forward at all times. Don't close your eyes or try to look around the little compartment you're in because it'll make spinning part of the experience feel ten times worse!

    Exactly! If you face forward and keep your eyes on the screen the entire time you will feel that you are moving, but you will not feel like you are spinning. If you look around the compartment you will realize you are spinning and get extremely dizzy.
    If you look forward you should be fine. I was a little queasy afterwards but nothing terrible. Just took a little break and sat down in the shade for a few minutes and I was fine.

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