Disney takes a big leap

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Arenal Volcano loomed smoking in front of us. Trees rife with orchids, ferns and bromeliads stretched for miles below our wooden platform in the clouds. But my attention was glued on my 8-year-old daughter, Annie, as she was strapped into a harness more than 660 feet above the rain forest floor on our third day in Costa Rica. A thin, steel zip line was snapped to her gear.

She jumped. As her pulley sped down the line linked to a platform 2,475 feet away, my firstborn receded into the distance with a heart-sinking "zzzzzzing." My solace: This was a Disney-orchestrated trip, part of the new series of family adventures fanning out around the world. I knew this was no theme park, but surely Disney safety inspectors and a team of tort-minded lawyers had examined every bolt and sc rew in this series of platforms and cables. Right?
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