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Beyond the Parks Discuss Xanadu in the Vacation Planning forums; Had this site in my favorites--here is Xanadu and the site itself
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    Had this site in my favorites--here is Xanadu

    and the site itself

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    My wife loves the Travel Channel and HGTV. They have this show on one of them about people's strange houses that she watches.
    Now whenever we drive past Xanadu she starts spieling about how we should buy the place and what she would do with the interior decorating. She even went so far as to call the realtor listed on the "For Sale" sign. I think she told me they wanted $450,000 for the place. She went on a tour of the place in its current crappy state by convincing the guy she really was serious about putting an offer down.
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    I meant to take pics of it before we left but it slipped my mind..

    it didn't look good at all and I'm suprised it's still in one piece.

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    I'm surprised it is still standing. Perhaps someone will buy it and turn it into a hotel or a gift shop. Surprisingly, you don't see too many of those on I-192!

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    I am a huge Xanadu and Olivia fan! People think I'm weird, but, I guess you just have to have an appreciation for it. The soundtrack was awesome!

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