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Beyond the Parks Discuss Favorite thing to do "after hours" in the Vacation Planning forums; a good meal followed by lots and lots of adult beverages...
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    avoiding "The Man's" infractions. can't keep a brotha' down!
    a good meal followed by lots and lots of adult beverages

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    We always close the my answer is SLEEP!!! So we can get up bright and early and start all over again!!!

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    Call me crazy, But I love going back to the resort and changing from sneakers to a comfy pair of flip flops and taking a midnight walk. My favorite is staying at PO FQ and walking over to PO RS.... I know what you must be saying... taking a walk after walking ALL day. It works... It's a time to unwind and walk at a slow pace and take in the beauty of it all.. Plus theres plenty of frogs hopping around... try catching one and scare the #@%$ out of a squeamish family member.. That's an added bonus!!!

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    now that my children are grown I have my granddaughter and she and I go back to the hotel,,,get our mugs and then go to the food court for hot cocoa for her and COFFEE for me...then it is back to the room for a leisurely shower and bed....have to get up the next morning for the Parks!!!!!!
    Second star to the right....straight on till morning!!!:mickey:

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    The last time I went was with my choir. Our director had us getting up at 5am each morning and staying until closing time so that we wouldn't miss anything.... he's alot like me when it comes to Disney. Since I was running my friends ragged in the parks (so that they could get all the good things done in the short time we had) we were always exhausted afterwards.

    We always fell asleep on the bus ride back to the hotel.
    When we got to the hotel, we (me and the three others in my room) would get a microwavable pizza from the hotel shop and we would eat that and snack on mustard Gardettos with spray cheese while watching tv and showing each other what we bought at the parks.
    Then we always went to bed before curfew so that we could do it all again the next day.
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    We like to go and rent the sea racers and drive around the lagoon.
    DISNEY IS MY HAPPY PLACE THE ONLY TIME THAT I GET 2WKS OF HAPPINESS AND WORRY FREE TIME!!!!!! This time I will see it through the eyes of my baby girl born 2008.

    Next Trip is December 2010

    Can't wait!!!!!!

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    Wondering where the bus parked/Sheeping to start another disney day early.

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    When I go on my Disney World, I think I won't be able to go to sleep with all the excitement planning for the next day. I think I will take a nice refreshing night swim.
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    I (like Dzny 4 life) also enjoy walking around the resort. Depending on the season, it's cool, almost quiet & still there's the hint of disney magic around. Then, I go to bed so I can get up & do it all again the next morning.
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    If I'm there during the prime season when the parks are open til real late, i usually just go back to the hotel and collapse so i can get up, grab a mickey waffle, and hit the parks again as early as possible. if the parks close earlier, a nice evening walk or a dip in the hotel pool is usually a very relaxing way to soak in your great day.
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    If the parks close early, I like to go to Sak Comedy Lab in downtown Orlando. It's like a live "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" It's so funny too!

    Their website is:

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    What i love to do is head back to my hotel or apartment amd go right to bed so i can wake up and head right back to a park!

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    24 hour pool and hot tub at The Contemporary or the Food and Fun Center for some of Mickey's Mac and Cheese. I also love looking at the pins I bought. My favorite thing this year was that I ended up with a king sized bed to MYSELF this year..that was NICE.
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    Back when I was married (think of the good times Dave think of the good times) Ok as I was saying the one trip to Disney I made with my now ex wife was fun. She hadn't been since she was a kid and all there was to see was the MK. Well we took the Daves one day see all there is to see in Epcot tour. Needless to say she was WORN OUT me being a WDW veteran I was fine anyway before we went back to our off site motel room I dragged her silently.. she was too tired to kick and scream.... over to the Wilderness Lodge where previously I had found their snack bar in the back of the lodge we grabbed a couple fruit cups and went out on the dock to relax ,watch the stars and the moon and gather enough energy to make it to our car and eventualy to bed.The next day when she had enough energy to think she did thank me for a wonderful but very filling day.
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    after i come back from the parks at night i love to just relax in the hotel room, or go to the hotel gift shop
    It's our problem-free philosophy Hakuna Matata!
    I've been to Disney World 22 times and can't wait to go back!

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