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Beyond the Parks Discuss Please share your WDW parasailing experience with me! in the Vacation Planning forums; I have always wanted to go parasailing, but I have wanted to wait until I could do it at WDW. I know it would be fun go to a beach ...
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    Please share your WDW parasailing experience with me!

    I have always wanted to go parasailing, but I have wanted to wait until I could do it at WDW. I know it would be fun go to a beach and parasail, but it would all look the same, ocean, coast, big buildings, tiny people, etc. I figure parasailing at WDW is a totally different experience with all of the things there are to look at up there.

    Soooo, I would love to surprise my DH with a parasailing date. Can you please share your experience doing this? Was it great? Worth the money? Was it just you/your group or did you have to sit on a boat while other people had their turns? How long did you get to be up in the air?

    Any information would be most appreciated!
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    Re: Please share your WDW parasailing experience with me!

    I just parasailed for the first time in July at WDW! It was fantastic. I hate rollercoasters and I can't stand thrill rides, but this was an unbelievable experience. When you check in at the marina they verify how many in your party and if you will be flying solo or in tandem. Each member of the party signs a waiver and they direct you to the dock. It was my two nieces, myself, and a father a daughter in the boat.

    The father and daughter went first. Then my neice and I went tandem and then my other neice went solo. The 1st mate helps you to put on your lifejackets and harnesses which take about a minute and a half per person. Then as the boat gains speed the 1st mate helps you onto the platform at the back of the boat. He attaches the harness and reels you out slowly. The sound of the boat drifts away and you slowly rise higher and higher above the water. Immediately you can start to pick out landmarks like the castle, spaceship earth, even the seaworld lookout tower. We were up there for probably about 8 minutes but it was just incredible.

    I am still kicking myself because I didn't bring either of my camera's up with me. If you decide to do it, put you camera on a lanyard and bring it with you. Also, they offer to take pictures of youfor $15. Again, regret not spending the money because my older neice didn't really take pictures. The boat makes large loops so you can get a good view all around the lake. When your ride is over they reel you back in and you land right back on the platform without getting wet.

    I think that it was well worth the money and I'd do it again a heart beat.

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