So if the power goes out the fire alarms go off? Really? Then Uni would be swarming with Fire Trucks cause their whole park lost power this evening. Bad day for power failures at ThemeParks today.

Power outage empties Downtown Disney restaurant

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 13, 2013, 2:09 PM - 13 News
However, several people inside the restaurant reported the power went out.

One guest, a blogger for the Disney fan website WDW News Today, tweeted video showing the lights out inside the dining area.

The guest, tweeting from the username @WDWNT, said guests were asked to leave the restaurant after the power failure.

"T-Rex guests are being sent to Rainforest Cafe for immediate seating," the guest said.
Reedy Creek Fire officials said power has been restored at the T-Rex Cafe. Disney said reports by guests that there was a fire in the restaurant's kitchen were false.

The Reedy Creek Fire Department serves the Walt Disney World property.

but then you read the twitter feed from someone who was there......

WDW News Today @WDWNT
So, we went here since it's closing on Sunday...