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Beyond the Parks Discuss Adventure's Club? in the Vacation Planning forums; I was wondering what is this place like. Everytime we go to Pleasure Island, we always hang out in 8 trax and the Beach Club. I want to go to ...
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    Adventure's Club?

    I was wondering what is this place like. Everytime we go to Pleasure Island, we always hang out in 8 trax and the Beach Club. I want to go to the comdey club and check the adventurer's club.
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    I will definitely be making my way to the AC next time, it sounds like my kind of place (minus the fruity drinks. I like my alcohol to taste like alcohol).

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    You should definitely go to the Comedy Club when you have a chance. It's usually packed so you have to arrive early, but it's a blast!
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    Both the Comedy Club and the AC are alot of fun!! I don't know how many hours I have spent at both. If you go to the CC make sure you try to get a seat beside a phone(if they still do that) it is a way they get the audience into the show.
    My favourite room in the AC has always been the Mask Room. Although the main room is alot of fun too. We used to just hang out all evening and float from room to room. There is always something going on.
    Oh and by the way
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    I've read about both and can't wait to go in June! The Adventures Club seems like it will have a great atmosphere, I can't wait to experience that! And I love comedy so the Comedy Club is just a must! Any certain nights to definately go or any nights to defiantely avoid??

    i luv Tink!

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    Maybe it's just me but I've always thought the Adventurer's Club was really dull. We only ever went there to have a place to sit down and talk. I did like the comedy club though.

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    I used to agree with you SaraTheGreat. I thought the only thing worth while at PI was the comedy club. However, if you really take the time to explore The Adventure's Club is really an amazing place and has a lot of hidden treasures.

    PS...those Kongolushes really help add to the atmosphere (if you have enough of them )

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    I'm a big fan of the Comedy Warehouse. I prefer it on Thursday nights...

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    If you're there - DWT/MM Adventurer's Club meet during MouseFest on Wednesday night!!!

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    I love the AC! It is a favorite place of Eric and I to just sit back, have a drink, and watch the craziness. It is a lot of fun if you got a group of people that you can hang out with, and it is a great place to make new friends.

    I wasn't that impressed with the Comedy Warehouse. Maybe I went on an off night but it all seemed rushed and very forced to get laughs.


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    Love the AC... it's the best for entertainment and a good drink..

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    I also dig the club, but mostly I admit it's since I kinda enjoy getting mistaken for a cast member.

    (What can I say? A fedora and a two-day beard on the face and all of a sudden, I'm a CM...???)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam I Am
    I'm a big fan of the Comedy Warehouse. I prefer it on Thursday nights...
    Spoken like a Castmember, When I was CP back in 89, I spent so much time at the Adventurers club the the cast there thought I was one of them, just out of costume.
    Zappy Hour was a wonderful thing.
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    I went for the first time to the Adventurer's Club for my birthday, and I'll be talking it in one of my upcoming articles for twentysomething disney (shameless plug, yes!)

    Anyway, I LOVED it. Not only because they harassed my brother and my boyfriend, but I love the talking wall thing... I compare it to dinner theatre without food almost. :-) And the shows are different all night long!

    Also Comedy Warehouse is basically Whose Line Is it Anyway themed. So I LOVED it. And they have popcorn. lol.

    Now that I have an AP I'll be going a lot.

    Maybe I'll have to come to the DWT meet Lou...
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