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Poll: Favorite WDW Nighttime Attraction

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Beyond the Parks Discuss Favorite Nighttime Attraction in the Vacation Planning forums; Um, so hitting the parks with the kids ALL day and crashing in your disney hotel room at 8 is not an option?...
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    Um, so hitting the parks with the kids ALL day and crashing in your disney hotel room at 8 is not an option?
    I am in need of some Disney magic!!

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    Comedy Warehouse for me.
    WDW Sept 9-11, 2005


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    i love Jellyrolls....over in the Boardwalk area, its tons of fun, and I never hear too much about it

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    Fantasmic! Still rules!
    Well I'll be hoho, It's the Blue Fairy

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    I love Fantasmic!

    The ONE and only= Mickeywanna on VMK!!

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    I have to go with my all time favorite thing at the world-Wishes!!
    hey yall!

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    Lauren Ashley!

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    I like Fantasmic because it is full of Live Action, Special Effects, Good Backing Sound Track and Fireworks etc!!!!

    The only downside is getting in early enough to get a good spot!!!!

    "Most of my life I have done what I wanted to do. I have had fun on the job.
    I have never been able to confine that fun to office hours." ~ Walt Disney

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    So many are good, ive practically almost cried at all the park shows. I do actually really like ToT at night. You are up so high, looking down at the park. You only have a few sec up there, but i love the view. I really want to take a picture up there but i doubt it would really work well bc of the drop happening so quickly after
    "L'amour brille sous les étoiles Illuminant leur cœur Sa lumière
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    3 times w/i the celebration
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    I picked Wishes for this one, because I love the music and the lights on the castle.... but the Main Street Electrical parade at WDW will probably always be my favorite, even though they have replaced it with the subpar SpectroMagic.
    You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful place in the world... but it requires people to make the dream a reality.
    ~Walt Disney

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    2 shows have brought me overwhelming emotion (and tears). The first was Wishes, and then most recently, Fantasmic. Fantasmic was amazing to me in that it was so unique. It was so many types of entertainment... and MAGIC!... all rolled into one really cool show. My only gripe with it is that there's usually only one showing a night and limited seating. I really hate that concept. I don't want to spend my last 2 hours in the park sitting on a metal bench, even if the show is awesome.

    Wishes takes my vote, not just because I can do anything I want anywhere in the park up until showtime and still see the show from wherever I may be (although I do think it is best seen from the Plaza Rose Garden...), but also because it is the most amazing fireworks display I've ever seen, and fireworks to me are so much a part of Disney tha tI can't imagine the place without them. I remember very little from my first trip, as I was only three years old. But one thing I can remember is being scared by fireworks (they were too loud for my little ears). But ever since I was three, I've been associating fireworks with vacations to WDW, and vice versa. When I heard that Fantasy in the Sky was being given the hook, I was devastated... that is until I saw Wishes, bigger and better than FitS ever was, and with an amazingly catchy tune that I find myself singing all the way home.

    Wishes gets my vote, with Fantasmic a close second. But I still really think MGM needs to bring back a nighttime show that everyone can see... not just those who want to sit around for 2 hours for it.
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    South og the Magic

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    Depends. What park am I in that night?

    I love only one show, the show I'm watching at the time!
    They call me "Nana"

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    I went with Spectromagic. I really love the parades since the characters are pretty close and interact with the crowds.

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    I like fantasmic.
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    Fantasmic is my favorite.

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    I chose Wishes but has anybody seen the Remember dreams come true... Fireworks at Disneyland for the 50th anniversary. They are awesome!!!! I thought it was just going to be Wishes with a different title but nooooo. Part of it was the wishes song but they also had little snippets from a lot of the classic disney rides with fireworks and lights to match. Wow!!! It made me cry. Well wishes makes me cry too but this one really got me!

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