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Poll: Favorite WDW Nighttime Attraction

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Beyond the Parks Discuss Favorite Nighttime Attraction in the Vacation Planning forums; My favorite is Wishes. I know this is not one of the choices, but The Jungle Cruise is a really different experience at night. If you have never done it, ...
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    Georgia, but wishing I were on the "Loveliest Village on the Plains!"
    My favorite is Wishes.
    I know this is not one of the choices, but The Jungle Cruise is a really different experience at night. If you have never done it, do it!

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    to the DWT family InStitches! I agree with you...the JC is great at night! We rode it for the first time at night 2 years ago when we were down there right before Christmas!

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    i voted on fantasmic because it is my favorate nightly attraction. But do you have any download of fantasmic.:mickey:
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    Illumintaions is my favorite night time attraction.


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    Seeing Wishes was an unbelievable experience and is by far the best fireworks show Disney has ever produced...A great nighttime show, and a great way to end the day at the Magic Kingdom! I agree with InStitches about the Jungle Cruise at night, it is quite different than in daylight and is a great time! Another great nighttime attraction, of course, is Splash Mountain! Who doesn't love a trip down Chick-a-pin Hill in the dark!
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    I like to ride Big Thunder Mt. in the dark. Actually, that was my first roller coaster on Christmas Eve night, back in the day.
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    I picked Fantasmic! because it is just so wonderful to watch Disney magic in action!
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    I picked Wishes. I know all the words to Wishes music even though I don't have the soundtrack. I sing it for weeks after a visit to Disney. But, Spectromagic is a very close second for me. I love them both to death and hope they never take them away.
    I've never seen Fantasmic so I don't know what I think about that. We almost saw it once. But my parents decided they didn't want to wait any longer for it to start.
    Also, it's sooo cool, my parents have pictures of Main Street Electrical Parade from before I was born, and they gave them to me. How cool is that? Maybe one of these days, I'll post them for all to see. They are really good pictures.
    As far as attractions at night, Jungle Cruise is so different and cool at night. Our family did it this last time we went and it was so cool. The skipper guy told me to be the captain so I drove (yeah, drove) the boat the whole way. So I can say that I worked at Disney World. Which is, by the way, my dream. To someday work there. Also, the TTA is awesome at night. If I think of any other cool rides at night, I'll post them.

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    I gotta pick test track
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    I love to see Illuminations someday. After watching History channel and Travel channel, the show seems to be very interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jarmitc2032
    I love to see Illuminations someday. After watching History channel and Travel channel, the show seems to be very interesting.
    Jarod, you've never seen Illuminations??? You must make it a priority on your next trip!

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    I said Fantasmic. I like them all though, it is a hard choice!

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    I actually like riding splash mountain & TOT @ nite... but 4 a show, I LOVE Wishes

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    i love fantasmic! i think its a wonderful show at nightime to me and my family everytime we go to MGM we will always stay afterwords to see the show
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    Farther from the magic..
    I chose other because I have many...
    For a show, my list is Fantasmic, then Wishes, then Illuminations, then the Electrical Parade. Those are about the only ones I remember seeing.
    Attractions are- BTMR (you HAVE to ride it at sunset) Jungle Cruise (its just so different than day time!) TOT, Everest (even though I didn't go on it at night, I know I would like it!) and so many more.
    So I chose other, because EVERYTHING is different at night.

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