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Poll: Favorite WDW Nighttime Attraction

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Beyond the Parks Discuss Favorite Nighttime Attraction in the Vacation Planning forums; say Splash Mountain and BTMRR (i like the burning shed at night) but i want to check out that "Kiss Goodnight" after Wishes or w/e. i heard its really ...
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    773 say Splash Mountain and BTMRR (i like the burning shed at night)

    but i want to check out that "Kiss Goodnight" after Wishes or w/e. i heard its really good so im gonna wait when i go back in August

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    well if we were talking about nighttime ride attraction
    i would say BTMRR but if we are talking about sights i would have to say either spaceship earth or cinderella castle
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    BTMRR is my favorite too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, my other fave is Maelstrom, because when you go up to the top and switch tracks, its dark and it seems like you would fall into thin air
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    Fantasmic....hands down! Wishes is excellent as well but something about the Fantasmic theatre setting, the animations on the water spray, the boats of characters, the music, and of course it puts Mickey in his rightful place on top of the world!
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    I love Fantasmic but have never seen Wishes so I can compare the two. What time is Wishes at?

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    I had to go with wishes on this one. Just for the warm gushy feeling you get, especially when tink come out. I got the same feeling the first time I saw the electrical parade but unfortuanatly that is only in California. I didn't get the same feeling with Spectromagic, but that might be because I was separated from my family for the parade.

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    WISHES! All time favorite fire work show.

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    Thats a hard question i dont have a clue i mean i argued for ages with my girlfriend about what was best and i say wishes for the sentimental value and the emotional feeling you get but then i change my opinion to illuminations. The feeling when you get when you leave Epcot with the song "promise" playing after a great day its second to none.However you then have fantasmic which is an incredible elaborate show so its to hard to say.

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    I voted cirque. I was one of the two! I'm surprised...

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    My vote went to the Adventuer's club, because I just really dig the atmosphere there, and the actors do a great job with their characters.

    However unofficially I would say it was going to the big AMC theatre in Downtown Disney. My brother and I went back to Disneyworld by ourselves for the first time since going with the folks twice when we were little (22 and 24 now). So looking for things to do at night we found that the AMC theatre was empty, comfortable, and had some great films, like Good Night and Good Luck and the fastest Indian. We eneded up going there three nights during our week long trip.

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    Wishes is so awesome. Gosh it is magical. I love it.

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    I would say BTMRR, obviously Wishes and Illuminations are amazing at night (but thats the only time they are shown). I had heard about how great BTMRR was at night and had to give it a try, I couldnt agree more. Completely different at night!

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    Fantasmic! all the way!

    Spectromagic Parade would be my second choice.
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    I voted for Wishes, but I have spent MANY an evening at the Adventurer's Club. KUNGALOOSH!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by devkxl View Post
    the adventurers club is at pleasure island which is really fun even with kids
    I would only take kids if it were very, very early in the night. Alcohol is served at the AC and as the night goes on the jokes and conversations get more and more.... "adult". That said, I voted for it becuase I LOVE going to the Adventurers Club!!! Even though it's the same basic show night to night, the different people that are there make it sooo much fun!!

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