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Blue Prints Table Discuss PROJECT:Next in the Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) forums; waiting for some on else.........
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    waiting for some on else......

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    Reporting for Duty Commander!

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    waiting for order sir
    I really am a Princess, hiding out in a not so fairy tale Life

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    if you have the time
    i have the credits!
    I would love to do what ever i can!

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    You told me Tampa, I'm signing up! Always glad to help!

    As I already told ya, got to sleep, 2:48 right now over here and I have school tomorrow.

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    First let me thank you all for standing up and having faith in our projects. I think it's pretty fair to say we've shown (twice) what we're capable of as a team, and I hate to say it people, this will be one of the most difficult challenges of all!

    I will be lifting my rule of communicating only by pm for alot of useful info might be lost and forgotten. Again with this project, I'm not worried about copying, because we have (and need more) an insane amount of trains to get the ball rolling. If you feel the need to boot when you're building by all means do so, but personally, I'll be worried about my own completion and attention to scene detail. And with that I must remind you all, some of you unfortunately wont be able to build your own room (15 room ride :P ), but once I sort through our applications I'll be able to assign missions and jobs accordingly to get our build on the way and completed in reasonable time.

    Once again, the class cave will be opened (and pics posted for our builders this time, promise ) up to show the type of track design we'll be using, and like VSM, I'll probably have to build a track room (and the Lobby ) to show how a good portion of the ride's rooms should look like. And like all our rides, extreme attention will be given to all scene orders and ride detail. I'm even looking to have someone make the wooden stairwell-like drop down to the trains.

    Alot of things will change along the way so please bear with me, we're still brand new (and growing!) team is perfect for the virtual ride building industry!

    And with all that.. I present to you...

    we can't use our offical ride name for it will be taken

    Applications are now closed with the exception of Disneybuff/mickeywanna.
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