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Blue Prints Table Discuss Slide Team Roster. -Read Before Voting- in the Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) forums; I went to hula's pool tonight (whiched owned btw) and she asked me if I were going to be in the competition! Responding crashed me out but she should know ...
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    I went to hula's pool tonight (whiched owned btw) and she asked me if I were going to be in the competition! Responding crashed me out but she should know better!

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    I don't consider myself a great room builder, but I'm certainly willing to offer a hand at helping to accummulate needed materials to one team or the other.
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    Ok, here are the rules listed on VMK for the competition:

    Waterslide Competition

    The Build Your Own Waterslide competition is coming to VMK! This will be a team-based room competition where Players form a Pool Patrol and build their own versions of a giant water slide.

    Each team is to have one Lifeguard as the team leader whose role is to coordinate the team and register the team for the competition.

    Here are the rules:
    - Each Pool Patrol is to consist of no less than 6 and no more than 20 members.
    - The ride may not exceed 30 rooms in length.
    - Players may only be on one Pool Patrol team.
    - Each member of the Pool Patrol must contribute at least one room to the ride.
    - The Lifeguard must be the owner of the Shallow End room, where the team's ride begins.
    - Waterslides will be judged on color, creativity, and overall ride experience.

    You must choose a name for your Pool Patrol. Choose carefully, it must be allowable in VMK and must fit into the room name, preceded by Shallow End (example: Shallow End Dumbo). No "dictionary dances" are permitted in any Pool Patrol room names (example: Shallow End Dumbo To is not allowed).

    Registration will be open Monday July 10 through Sunday July 16. Only the first 200 Teams that have properly registered will be accepted. The Lifeguard will provide the names of all Pool Patrol members as well as the names of all rooms in the Pool Patrol's slide. Late entries will not be accepted.

    Once a team's registration has been submitted no changes may be made to team name or team membership. Only registered teams will be judged.

    Judging will take place between the following times:
    Friday August 4, 2:30 - 8:30pm (Pacific)
    Saturday August 5, 8:30am - 7:30pm (Pacific)
    Sunday August 6, 8:30am - 7:30pm (Pacific)

    Please try to keep your ride open during the event so that others can enjoy what you and your team have created.

    Begin planning your water adventure!

    Team Competition Tip

    Create a Team Lobby

    What is a "Team Lobby"?

    A "Team Lobby" is a room that is accessible to all the members of a team and the "Shallow End" start room of your waterslide. The room should belong to the Lifeguard of the Pool Patrol. Each player places a teleporter in their own room and then trades the matching teleporter to the Lifeguard to set down in the Lobby. A teleporter linking the Lobby to the "Shallow End" should be placed in this room as well with an item next to it to signify it is the entrance. The Hosts in VMK use this technique when building ride-a-thons and mazes. It's a great way for each player to be able to access the "Shallow End" whenever needed.

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    woohoo looks like I came back at the right time
    I really am a Princess, hiding out in a not so fairy tale Life

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    Im with Team Ranch all the way and I know my building skills wont let you down, let me know Ranch if I may join the cause! ; )
    GET LOST!!! ON ABC!!!

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    SO....does anyone need anything? I've been getting lots of credits but I haven't heard from anyone so I did not buy yet.
    Please let me know.

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    I've gotten alot done with the help of BLUE team members, and it's amazing how far we've come! I think New and Mickey on our team might need help as they're not on much, but if you'd like to give building a shot girl, GREEN team is still open!

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    Mind if I watched and ate Licorice instead of Nerd's Rope? Thanks! LOL

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