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    Sign-up Rules for Slide Event

    Taken from VMK contact us page: FYI Room Names Required!

    NOTE: Only the Lifeguard (team captain) may register a team for the competition.

    Rules reminder:
    - Each Pool Patrol is to consist of no less than 6 and no more than 20 members - The ride may not exceed 30 rooms in length
    - Players may only be on one Pool Patrol team
    - Each member of the Pool Patrol must contribute at least one room to the ride - the Lifeguard must be the owner of the Shallow End room, where the teamís ride begins
    - registrations must be received no later than 10:00pm Pacific time, July 16

    In order to consider your team's registration we need the following information from you, in this order:
    - name of Lifeguard (team captain)
    - name of Pool Patrol (team)
    - name of Shallow End (start room)
    - names of ALL Pool Patrol members, including Lifeguard
    - # of rooms in your Pool Patrol's ride
    - names of all Pool Patrol rooms

    We're sorry but we cannot accept registrations sent in via the Parent route.

    Only the first 200 complete entries will be accepted.

    We will reply to all entries with either a registration confirmation or rejection. You can avoid a rejection by making certain that your team meets the above requirements and that you provide all of the required information.

    If you do not hear back from us by July 28 either we did not receive your registration, or you did not receive our reply. AOL's e-mail filters do not allow e-mails from us. If you use normally use AOL for e-mail, please provide an alternative e-mail in the Contact Us form where it asks for your e-mail address.
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    Ok blue team, our form has been sent in! I'm off to see PotC2 and will let you know of a response when I get back!

    Oh and Grim, I gave "Trivia Team" as our pool patrol name (not the ride name) on the form, you might want to switch them with, "Team Trivia"!
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    Im confused , so are you on team blue or team red??

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadesofgreen96
    Im confused , so are you on team blue or team red??

    Team "Red" and "Blue" were just meant to be sub-teams for this site. The actual "Pool Patrol" should be something more clever that Red or Blue to get judges attention.

    I am sure Grim has a Pool Patrol name in mind...

    Good Luck everyone - we are all locked in now...
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    Ok info is all sent in.

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