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Cast Member Appreciation Discuss Thank You Pluto! in the Cast Members forums; At the suggestion of some forum members I want to go ahead and post a huge thank you to a CM who made something very special for my family. On ...
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    Talking Thank You Pluto!

    At the suggestion of some forum members I want to go ahead and post a huge thank you to a CM who made something very special for my family.

    On February 14th at 11:10am, my husband, 10 month old son and I were seated at the Garden Grill restaurant inside The Land at Epcot. I was a little disappointed that we were sat on the top tier but understood that because of my son's need for a high chair that was all that would really suit us. The server was very nice and offered to bring a big plate of children's food but at 10 months the only thing he could really do was mac-n-cheese and mashed potatos.

    While we were waiting for our food the characters started coming around. Now, for anyone who has children, you know that usually at 10 months old, characters can be a very scary thing. The day before we did Epcot, Aaron (my son) met his first character... Winnie the Pooh. We weren't quite sure how he'd react but with daddy holding him all went really well. Still, being strapped to a high chair and not on the same level as the characters in the restaurant was something we weren't sure of.

    The first character to stop by was Pluto. It is to whoever played Pluto on this date and time that I have to extend a huge appreciation to. He got down on Aaron's level and nose to nose (literally) with him. At first Aaron wasn't quite sure but it didn't take long for Pluto to work his magic and make Aaron love the experience. He let him play with his whiskers and chew on his nose and played and tickled him. Aaron was in heaven. He was having a blast.

    As Mickey, Chip and Dale came around we were less worried about how Aaron would react after his extremely positive experience with Pluto. He did well with each of them but nothing compared to how Pluto interacted with our little one. Every time he'd come back around, Aaron would light up and smile.

    To whoever played Pluto on this day at the Garden Grill... I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Not only did you give my son a fantastic first face to face character experience but you made our lunch an absolute pleasure.

    You also made us spend something like $16 on a Pluto stuffed animal about an hour later though... not sure I should thank you for that... but I'm sure Disney does. LOL!
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    Well of course it was Pluto!!!

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    This story just reminds me how great the CM's are at WDW. Just one experience like that can make the whole trip wonderful.

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    Such a shame he's often the ending of the parades (or the last char. before Mickey) He's such a great guy, that Pluto is!

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    Great story! It's experience like this that have us all going back time and again.
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    Excellent story! Thats what Disney is known for "THE Place Where Dreams Come True"
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