My husband and I really enjoyed dining at Tony's, the food was fabulous, but it was our waiter that we found to be so kind and fun too. He'd noticed I was reading Steve Barrett's Hidden Mickey Guide instead of his menu (lol, I'd already picked the baked ziti anyway!) He began talking to us about HMs and KTTK tours and much much more. He was pretty slow while we were there and he spent most of our lunch talking to us about his journey as a CM, his own searches for HMs and how he rode POTC 11 times to spot a difficult one. He was just so fun to talk to and had a ton of information. He brought us an awesome desert and received a heck of a tip for being so nice. Some people might be bothered by a waiter talking during your lunch be he will forever be one of our most memorable moments at WDW for our first time together... I'd been there plenty, but this was my husband's 2 trip, and it had been a long time for me... As I child, I loved WDW but as an adult, I respect much more of it and it was nice to have some of the added fun and info from Derek!

Also, I must mention our driver for the DVC tour, I think her name was Ann. She was also very awesome to talk with and has been a CM forever... We even talked about how to get her garden to grow better and where she was from.

Overall, one of the nicest things is when the CMs ask where your from and make conversation about that. I loved charging stuff too because most of them would say my name in the conversation like they knew me!