The following is an excerpt from a recent post on the Orlando Sentinel's "Theme Park Rangers" blog. Link to the full post follows. It just seemed like it belonged here.

Give her Space. Speaking of Epcot, while waiting to load at Mission: Space last week, my capsule was to include a little girl who, frankly, was freaking out. The pre-show can be intense for young and old. There were tears. One of the cast members was great with the kid, squatting down to her eye level and, in a comforting tone, asking her questions such as "Why are you afraid?" and eventually "Would you rather not ride? We can wait over here." She bailed, but she felt OK about it. So here is my first Theme Park Rangers Salute -- to a cast member wearing a "Christopher" name tag. We should all be so nice. I'll try to remember that next time a mom runs a double-wide stroller up my calf.
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