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Cast Member Appreciation Discuss Honestly... in the Cast Members forums; ...If you talk to a Cast member who really made your day PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let their manager know! I know it's hard to remember but the staff barely gets ...
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    ...If you talk to a Cast member who really made your day PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let their manager know! I know it's hard to remember but the staff barely gets recognized by their managers and if someone stands out to you let their manager know so they can at least get a card of recognition!

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    Definately. I just can't understand how people have the time to complain about CM's doing their job in keeping them safe such as the "sit down and shut up" rule, but don't report how well they did by going above and beyond. When you do complain about howe we did this and that and we were just doing our job, nothing will happen and you've just wasted time blowing off unecessary steam, but if you take a few minutes out of your time to say "Hey, that guy did something really cool, and I just want to say thanks and keep up the great work" and they'll let the CM know which will definately make their day even better and keep them delivering excellent service.

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    Not that I'm a CM, but as a Disney fan it just irks me when people get all whiny with the CM's when they don't get their way. Especially, when they were breaking the rules in the first place. Ugh! Ok, just wanted to get that off my chest!
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    I actually sent an email to Disneyworld.............telling them about a CM who went absolutely out of her way to help us while we were shopping in the Emporium......she spent well over an hour with us ,helping & suggesting & packing our purchases safely, in preparation, to pass on to the people for shipping back to the UK.
    We told them her name ....the Day & time we were in the Emporium.
    After a couple of weeks I got an email from Disney thanking me & assuring me that the CM,s Manager was being informed & she would be recognised for this.
    I really hope she may still be there again when we go later this year, so we can say Hello.

    I Belle

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    I really second this... its a great thing to do!
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    I totally agree. I work at Canda's Wonderland in Toronto and there is nothing like getting told that a guest went out of their way to thank you or to tell your manager that you were outstanding. We have little gifts for our staff when this happens, and it goes on their permanent employee file, which helps when they want to be rehired or want to be promoted!! If a CM is extra friendly, extra helpful, or enhances your trip in anyway, let the management know! You can do this at the park or when you get home. Believe me, CMs appreciate it!!

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    Unless I've got a real good excuse, I don't leave any of the parks without a pit stop at Guest Relations to fill out a compliment form for at least one CM I crossed paths with that day.

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    it's so awesome to hear all these great stories and comments, and I'm sure that the CPs appreciate it very much!

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