This morning I posted this letter to the WDW guest communications website:

Yesterday afternoon I received information that Delta Airlines had changed my flight schedule for my up-coming WDW vacation. My new flight schedule included a departing airport that was not convenient with an unnecessary connection less than an hour away from my house and would have added nearly two hours to my travel time each way. My travel agent is currently overseas adopting a little girl and was not available to assist me yesterday, so I picked up the phone and tried to make better flight arrangements.

None of the first 2 people I spoke with at Delta would even speak with me about the flights without a "Delta Reservation Number" which I do not have. Delta was not helpful and even confrontational in one instance and I will choose a different airline next time.

Once contacting WDW travel services to explain my situation, I was greeted politely by the first lady who understood what had happened transferred me to Trina in Air-Help. She was able to find my reservation and look at other flights that would eliminate the extra connections and driving. Once the flights were found, she placed me on hold and contacted Delta. When she returned to my call a few minutes later she informed me that I was all set and Delta had agreed to switch my flights at no charge due to their schedule change.

I do not write this type of letter very often, but I can't say enough how much this helped me and how much I appreciated Trina's kind demeanor and "can-do" attitude. This is the reason that I choose Disney for my family's annual vacations and the reason I will continue to do so. Please help this message find her supervisor and let them know what a great job she did for me yesterday.