Unamed Mouskeepers at Polynesian


First, don't know the names, and it happened a few years back, but it was magical because it was so nice of them!

We saved up and stayed at the Polynesian on a trip 2 years ago. I had just shelled out some big bucks for a travelling DVD player for the kids. It was great for the car and plane on the way to Disney. I brought it along with about 6 new, in cases Disney movies. We checked in to the hotel, and I put the DVD and movies in to a drawer when we checked in to the hotel, and with all going on during the trip, we didn't use it at all while staying there.

I forgot it, and didn't realize I had left it until about 2 days after we returned from our trip. I was so bummed. I called the hotel, they connected me with Mousekeeping, and told them what happened. They said, oh yes, we have it, it was turned in the day you left!

They mailed it back to me, intact perfectly for free, with a nice note to my kids that said, "Mickey says enjoy your movies from my park, and we hope to see you again real soon."

It was wonderful, and I am so grateful!!