So we have gone to AK a lot and had somehow managed to never see this little show....(Truth be told I had never seen Pocahontas either, but I knew the songs) anyway, we pull up to the greeter and explain that our chairs are too wide to go into the entrance and asked if they wanted to use a tranfer chair or what...They said, just wait here, we'll take you in the exit. So we are early for the show so we start chit chatting with the CM's as usual! MJ is her little charming self and is pretending to take pics of the CM's (for which they cheerfully posed over and over again) We did take a couple of real pics with them and MJ too, they signed her CM autograph book. That was our experience with Jillian, Michelle, Stephanie (who gave me a card ans asked me to get a copy of the pic for her), Wana (I think, can't quite read her signature) and Claudia. They were sooo awesome!

Then I hear someone say I'm _______ (nickname from a board, don't want to give away her identity unles she wants me to) from Such and such a board. I gave a little shout and told her how nice it was to meet her, we got to talking and stuff, she played with MJ and took us into the theatre, seated us up front and took off to do her thing....she came back a bit later before the show started and told us to wait for her after the show and to stay seated until the theatre cleared out. So we enjoyed the show (altho the porcupine and birds didn't cooperate very well) The show is pretty neat, especially loved Sprig and Grandmother Willow.

So after the show clears out we are waiting around talking to Marcia and out comes Stephanie (It might have been Lynnzie) with POCAHONTAS!!!! Oh my goodness! Well, for those of you who know me, you know the water works started then! MJ actually let her picture be taken sittng with Pocahontas, she signed her book and played with her for a bit....pure magic!

Fast forward to the next day, we came back to the park and did the show again (this time all the animals cooperated so we saw it in full, someday I am gonna make it thru a Disney show without crying, I swear I am!) Had a blast talking to the CM's again, should have taken their advice on where to sit (we thought we'd have a better view in the back...all we saw were heads....)

We got to talk to Peter about our Make a Wish application, he gave us some great advice and spoke to Hannah about us possibly volunteering to be guides of sorts for MAW families coming to WDW (she thinks they would love that)

Anyway, as we are leaving the show we get to talking to Lynnzie and Hannah, they were so very sweet to MJ, They both gave her a pin and Lynnzie gave her stickers (her favorite thing!) and gave her the 10th ediition of Pocahontas! What she couldn't have known is that we really couldn't afford to buy it for her, so it really made our day (We've watched it half a dozen times this week, she loves it)

This was Dinsey Magic at it's best.......a lot of magical things happened for Andrew'a bday last week, but I arranged most of them, so it wasn't the same as when it happens so spur of the moment....

going for tissues now....