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    Amazing Magical Moments (6-4 and 6-5) The Eby's

    Hi all- Well, every weekend I think that our magical moments won't get any better and every weekend I am here is a long set of events from this weekend.....In chronological order)

    Memorial Day Weekend we never got over to the Studios.....We got an email this week from a CM who missed us and wanted to see if we were ok! How sweet is that.

    Sat June 4th

    At MGM we had lots of mini magical moments with CM's loving on of which was with the custodial staff (Maddie) Andrew was in the restroom so MJ and I were waiting in our chairs outside. I have a tradition that whenever I see a custodial person I say to them “Thanks for keeping our parks beautiful” Many of them look at me like I have two heads (I guess they aren’t used to being thanked) but on this occasion Maddie stopped to chat with us. After chatting for a bit she pulled a bag out of her pocket and asked what MJ’s favorite character is (right now it is Tinkerbell) so I told her and she pulled out the cutest pin with Tink sitting on a thimble holding a sewing needle and gave it to MJ! I am pretty sure the pins are from her personal collection since they weren’t on a lanyard. Thank you Maddie!

    Then we went over to Playhouse Disney and while we were waiting Peter came over to us and told MJ to close her eyes and he pulled a Jo-Jo and Goliath postcard out for her, signed by Bear in the Big Blue House and everything…this was special just because he did it, but also because at that moment she was focused on wanting a ball that belonged to another child that she couldn’t have. Thank you Peter!

    We went for a trip on the GMR and had a lot of fun. There was Laurie our guide who was great, paid lots of attention to MJ and we were sitting right in front of a family that was very unique…They were there videotaping their daughter’s first day as the gangster! Here name was Lauren and she was great!

    We visited with our buddies in One Man’s Dream (MJ is the unofficial mascot there) Rose, Anita, Jeffery and Chris, it was great to see you!

    At Beauty and the Beast Four for a Dollar made sure to wave at MJ and blow her kisses….we just love those guys they are our favorite pre-show! (More about them in Andrew’s Bday weekend post……I am soooo behind!)

    Later that day we went to Stars and Motor Cars, Katie was the CM at the handicapped section. She is a returning CP’er and it was only her second day, she also took care of us at Fantasmic that night, she was awesome! And the kicker? When I got up Sunday morning, I had an email from her thanking us for making a magical moment for her, wow! Thank you Katie, looking forward to spending the summer with you!

    Sunday June 5th

    We were meeting a friend from another board for a day of fun at the AK/MK. Adam is a CM at Epcot normally, he is really awesome and MJ loved him! Thanks Adam, even off duty you are a magic maker….

    So, AK…First thing we did was go into Guest Relations to get our new GAC’s (ours were about to expire) We met Angel, she was so sweet, asking about MJ, etc…..she was admiring her pins, told her how pretty she was. We had her sign MJ’s CM book. When she handed us back our cards she also handed us a voucher for a pin to add to MJ’s collection and asked us to come back and see her at the end of the day. So sweet…..(this next part happened over the hole day, but to keep continuity I will tell this part out of order) We went to pick out MJ’s pin (I wanted to get it before we left so we could show Angel what she had chosen) In the process of picking a pin we found two part pins that said best friends one had Todd and Copper from the Fox and The Hound (one of MJ’s faves) so I had the bright idea to get that and keep one half for us and give the other half to Angel so she could remember MJ. We went back to see her at the end of the day and found out that she had left for the day, so we gave her pin to the gal there and asked her to give it to her and explain the significance of it. Then the CM gave us a present from Angel. She had left MJ and autograph book that had character signatures on every single page! (Including MJ’s fave Tink!) She had inscribed MJ’s name in the front of the book and left a note explaining that that characters really wanted to meet MJ, but they had to run, so they left her this very special gift. I of course burst into tears. You see, MJ is afraid of the characters so this is something that we have never been able to have for her. I asked when Angel would be back on so we could come and thank her…as it turned out, Angel was on an Advanced Internship and Monday (yesterday) was to be her last day. I was so sad, I did leave my email for her and I got to talk to her manager. A copy of this report will also go to WDW. Monday I did get an email from Angel, what a special lady! You’ll never know how much what you did means to us Angel!

    (Back to chronological reporting in a bit, hands starting to hurt…..)
    Bonny June, Homeschooler, Webmaster and SNK/Adoption Advocate~~Marjorie June Mailani Adopted SNK, Disney Fanatic, Joyous, Cheerful, Incredible Kid~~Andrew, Cast Member, Disney Reservations Center~~Heart Mom to Cody (adoption loss 10-00)
    (linkie fixed...heh heh, thanks Val!)

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    very cool Bonny....sounds like you had a great weekend
    It's a Disney thing. If you understood, your only question would be "can I go?"


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    Gee now I'm tearing up!!! That's awesome Bonny!!

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    *sigh* be able to go and enjoy moments like this every weekend. How wonderful for your family!

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