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Cast Member Appreciation Discuss Gabe, Terry and Dan 6-30-05 MK in the Cast Members forums; 6-30-05 Well, I never thought it would happen, but the last half of our day at Disney yesterday was truly horrible, tho made better by some awesome CM's.... We went ...
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    Gabe, Terry and Dan 6-30-05 MK


    Well, I never thought it would happen, but the last half of our day at Disney yesterday was truly horrible, tho made better by some awesome CM's....

    We went to AK with Dani (CM celebrating her 21st bday) She had never been and that part of the day was awesome. We got to take her backstage at LK and TR!, she got to take MJ up to dnace at LK, took her on the safari, they paid special attention to her in the parade. (I'll type my story about MJ and the parade later) It stared to rain....we walked out to the busses, we were going to go to MK and Dani had to go back home. MJ was very upset about her leaving so instead of Andrew leaving us on the bus and taking the car round to MK he rode with us. Things semed ok, but MJ was growing increasingly agitated (she has had some personality changes occuring that have been very troubleing lately) we tried to take her on the train (she said she wanted to go, then didn't for a few minutes) a nice CM (Gabe) spent soem time with her and she decided to go. We struggled with her on the train for the whole ride, she just wasn't happy at all and now she was starting to hit me, bite me, hit herself, etc. We got on the ferry and I struggled with her the whole way, I was holding her on my lap as I didn't want her to be scared and strapped in alone, but she was really clocking me. (She had no control over herself at all and it was so hard to watch I was in tears) At this point I realized that it was unsafe to take her on a bus with other people, so we had someone call for a manager. At this point she had really hurt me, so I had to give in and strap her in her chair, so she was really upset now and was hitting herself a lot. The manager (Terry) had a nursing degree (Thank G-d) so when we described what was happening he called for a private van to take us to AK to our car. We talked to him a lot about MJ and he gave her a pin (a bus transportation pin, she loves all WDW transportation) We got us all loaded in the van and met Dan, (our driver) he was awesome, he gave MJ a stuffed toy snake to play with and made us feel so good about this. I hated having to call and ask for help like this, normally she is soooo good in the parks, but since the seizures have started she has been very different. I was soooo grateful that if it happened anywhere it was there, the CM's were amazing all around. I don't know how we would have been able to deal with it otherwise. I am really scared about what MJ is going through and it helps so much to be surrounded on the boards and in the parks with people who are so worried about us and are praying for us. Once we got all loaded in the car, I gave Dan a hug and a CMA card (gave Terry one too) MJ was fast asleep by the time we hit 192 and has been ok today, I am sure her body is sore from the events (I know mine is) of yesterday, but she seems back to herself, July 13th (her neurology appt) can't come soon enough..... Thanks for caring everyone!
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    That sounds like a terrible situation, I'm so sorry. Those CM's were terrific, though. MJ seems like an adorable little girl, and I'm sure with a little Disney magic she'll be okay.


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