Our very first ride of our very first day during Parker's Birthday trip was on the Jungle Cruise and skipper Meaghan gave us a magical moment that Parker will not soon stop talking about! Parker was our offical skipper for the entire ride....although he was very intense on keeping our boat from heading into the banks , so Meaghan had to handle the jokes herself! (which she was very good at might I add! I have been on this ride more times than I can count and she actually had a few new ones I hadn't heard before!)

The only bad thing about Parker getting a chance to "drive" the boat....now he thinks he should be able to do it everytime we go on it!

Meaghan also led the entire boat in singing Happy Birthday to Parker, my DH Jim and my DM Marlene! What a great way to start our celebration! Meaghan is an awesome skipper and a ride on her boat should not be missed!

(BTW...thanks to Bonny, MommytoMJM, for helping to arrange this little surprise!)