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Cast Member Appreciation Discuss Beauty and the Beast Magical Moment! in the Cast Members forums; Side Note: I have given up on trying to do these in order, so I am going to just try to get everything up even if it is in the ...
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    Beauty and the Beast Magical Moment!

    Side Note: I have given up on trying to do these in order, so I am going to just try to get everything up even if it is in the wrong order.


    Last show of Beauty and the Beast before EMH starts

    We often see BatB at MGM, we ususally sit in the front row and have seen it probably a dozen times. A few weeks ago we were there but arrived late, so rather than front center we were front slightly to House Right. We were loving the show as ususal.

    Out of the corner of my eye during one of the scenes I see one of the dancers come out and talk to the CM stationed at the exit. As he is talking to her, he points over to us a couple of times, I am curious about what is going on but figure if I need to know I will be told.

    After the show ends, the CM comes over to us and says that the Cast would like us to stay in the theatre until it clears. We of course, say sure. After the theatre clears several of the dancers come out and introduce themselves, MJ goes NUTS! She is so excited. They asked about her pins and her story and our family They spent a lot of time with her, it was soooo awesome!

    During our conversation I hear MJ squeal and see Belle poking her nose around the corner. One of the CM's comes and tells MJ that Belle would like to see her backstage. It is all we can do to restrain MJ, I think she must have flytackled Belle. They were all so amazing and gracious. I didn't get everyone's names, but Thank You Michael, Keith, Blaine, Darlene, Juliet, CJ, Joanna, Chaka and all of the other wonderful Cast and Crew. You Truly made a magical moment for this family!

    Postdate Note:

    The next weekend we were thrilled to be celebrating with one of our FAVORITE managers on Sunset Blvd. (Pat) We just love him and his wife Connie who works in MK! Anyway, Pat did two special things for us.... he let MJ see Belle again! (Again with the flytackling!) and he gave MJ a very special pin for her collection (I'll put a pic here) He gave her the HCOE Belle Pin and also gave one to Belle and his granddaughter so all three of them have a matching pin, how cool is that?

    To everyone at have made one little girl and her family sooo happy, we'll see ya on Sunday!
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    (linkie fixed...heh heh, thanks Val!)

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    Great story Bonny! Love hearing about these and it just amazes me the warmth that MJ brings to everyone! People want to be around her which is wonderful! She's (MJ) gonna be running that place soon!!!!

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    What a wonderful extended "family" you have there!

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    Keep em coming... I love these stories.. I get chills reading them!!!

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