Rather than a single CM, it was an entire show's worth that made my day last week!

I visited MGM last saturday, aug 3, and anyone who was in/around the orlando area that day knew just how much it rained... and rained... and rained. My feet haven't been that waterlogged in quite some time.

Anyway, there were a few things we wanted to see in MGM that day, but our two biggest priorities were the new Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show, and Fantasmic. On this day, Fantasmic continued to dodge my best efforts to see it, as we somehow managed to pick the ONE day all month it wasn't showing.... (grrrrr), but as for LMA, we were certainly not going to let that one get by us. We HAD to see it!

So fast forward to shortly prior to the 3:55 show of LMA. We are hurrying to the show, trying to make sure we have a seat (not knowing how incredibly large the arena was... ), only to have a friendly, humorous CM urging us along, "you better hurry!... There's only several THOUSAND seats left!" We manage to get ourselves into the line, and are checking out the garage through the neat windows they have there for the guests, when an announcement is made "This is a reminder that today's performance of Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show is a weather permitting performance, that may be delayed or cancelled at any time, due to high wind, heavy rain, or electrical storms." As if on cue, the announcement had no sooner been made than the heavens opened up and it began to rain. Slowly at first, a drizzle. But by the time we had made it into the stands and got seats, it began to rain HARD.

I hoped it would pass, because I really wanted to see this show, but it continued. It would lighten for a bit, but then it would open up again. I was just waiting on the announcement to cancel. I knew it would come. After all, I know how hard it is to drive normally on wet roads, never mind do anything fancy with a vehicle!.

Finally, at just about the time the show was supposed to start, it seemed to lighten up and just about stop. The show got under way under a light rain, and not more than a couple minutes into the performance, it began to rain incredibly hard. I fully expected the show to come to either a shrieking halt, or a shrieking wreck, because I could not even begin to fathom the nerve and skill that these drivers possessed, and the talents of the crews working to put them there. The ground had to have had at least an inch of standing water on it, and it was just pouring down out of the sky with such intensity it was hard to see at times. And yet the drivers never seemed to flinch, and the camera crews kept right up along side, and everyone involved seemed to have such a "show must go on" attitude. I wanted to stand up and give a standing ovation right then and there.

After concluding the first scene, they opted to take an intermission to see if the rain would let up a bit, rather than cancel the rest of the show (they said they had never performed in this much rain before, and so they were kind of testing their own limits). It did let up eventually, and the second scene then took place, much to the same result of the first. Just after it started up, Mother Nature tried her best to stop it. Again, I was a nervous wreck all throughout, wondering how on earth these performers could do this in such terrible road conditions. Again, I was amazed, by another flawless performance by all involved.

The third scene went underway, this time using motorcycles, but was halted very shortly after it began. The drivers' helmet visors were fogging up and they could not see. A second intermission then took place, but after about 10-15 minutes, the director (or whoever it was in charge) finally opted on the side of safety, and very apologetically called off the rest of the show on account of the ongoing weather conditions.

We returned to try to catch the 6:40 show later on, but that too was rained out, this one before it even began. I thought I would have been upset, and at first, I think I kind of was. I had wanted to much to see that show, and had not been able to see it all the way through. But thinking back upon it, I am glad to have seen what little of it as I did, and to have seen it in those terrible conditions. I have never been so impressed as I was that afternoon, by the combined skills, determination, and "can do" attitude of everyone involved in putting on that rain-drenched performance last Saturday. It was as if they knew just how much I personally wanted to see that show. It was as if they knew that the other thing I'd come to the park to see that day had let me down, and were determined not to do the same. It was as if they knew that despite everything else, they had to put on a show for me. And what a spectacular show it was. I cannot wait to get back to see the rest of it, hopefully in better meteorological conditions than the last of couse. I want to give this crew a huge standing ovation for the job they did.

Excellent show guys. Even though I only saw parts of it, I was amazed. Thanks for making my day!