:mickey: Well, Melissa hinted about how much we love LMA in another post, so here's the story (pics will be in MJ's Blog)

Early on in our Disney going career they were running soft opening shows of LMA.....we went over early one morning to get FP's and met Adam (his pic was the one I submitted to the contest of a photo of a CM, I'll also put it on the blog) since we went right over it was pretty dead back there and he noticed mine and MJ's chairs and offered us a tour of the garage's in the line becuase we wouldn't get to see them as we entered in the wheelchairs. He spent a lot of time with us, gave MJ a pin and took care of us again when we came back for the show. Over the next few weeks we went to LMA quite a bit and even when MJ didn't want to see the show we went to say hi. Now we know a lot of the folks that work there and adore them!

Every time that we go over there is awesome, but....we've had a couple of great moments there:

On June 26 MJ got to meet the drivers of the show and get autographs and pics taken! (on the blog) It was so cool, she loved it!

A couple of weeks ago we were allowed to sit in the Director's box (they have two one on either side of the tunnel) unfortunately my wheelchair threw a wheel, so I worried about that rather than enjoying the show! However that created another magical moment when one of the coordinators and Adam came up to fix my chair for me! (Thank you Brian and congratulations on your wedding!) We are going to get a chance to see it again this weekend from those seats (Thank you Justin and managers! How cool is that?)

We love to spend time with the gang from LMA, they often join us in the park after their shifts, they are all just sooo awesome!

Funny Story: We were in MGM on July 4th, but for whatever reason we never made it over to LMA...well, someone (Hi Justin!) saw us in the parks and IM'd me and asked why we hadn't come by to say hi, someone else emailed me and even Adam got emails about the fact that we were there but didn't say hi. Bad Bonny!!!! So now we always go by and say hi....

To the team (please don't shoot me if I forget names) Brian, Earl, Adam, Diana, Justin , Christine, Chris, and all the drivers (sorry I can't read your signatures in MJ's book!) You guys all Rock! We love you more than we can say! Thank you for all you have done to make MJ's life a little bit better!