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    It is stories like these

    Some of you may have read this on Mouseplanet today, but I just had to share....this is one of the many reasons I love Disney so much:

    WDW Guest Tom's Story

    In November 2004, my family visited WDW for the first time. My 4-year-old son is autistic and we were very impressed and grateful for the accommodations the park made for him. My son had developed a sort of crush on Snow White and literally had memorized her movie, so of course we had to visit the princesses while we were there.

    As luck would have it, Snow White was one of the princesses greeting guests that day. Our son walked up to her slowly with an expression of pure awe. He hesitantly reached out his hands and brushed the satin of her skirt and simply looked up at her as if to try to make sure she really was in front of him.

    Snow White smiled down at him and asked him his name. In a rare moment, my son understood the question and shouted out his name to her. He then grabbed her hands and started to dance with her while singing the “Yodel Song” the dwarfs sing while dancing with her in the movie. Snow White did not miss a beat and joined him in the dance. She then bowed to him and thanked him. My son next tilted his head down and offered her the top of his head as Dopey does when wanting Snow White to give him a kiss. Again, Snow White did not miss a beat and bent over his head—only instead of putting her lips on his head (and for health reasons I cannot blame her) she lightly pressed the tips of her index and middle fingers on his head.

    The tactile effect was that of a kiss for him and he absolutely beamed as he looked up at her and hugged her before saying “Bye, H'now White!" as his mother and I fought back tears. Snow White, of course, waved regally to him as we left the room. As we walked out of the building, my son was jumping up and down telling us “I taw H'now White!” several times. I think this will be one of the happiest memories for him and for us. It truly was an instance of the fabled Disney magic!
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    Oh my gosh, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes! Love that!
    I am in need of some Disney magic!!

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    Priceless......this is why I love Disney!!!

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    Wow, what a beautiful and awesome story.... now that i have to collect myself and stop the tears, i'll return
    April 23rd, oh yeah it's gonna be ON!

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    That was a really beautiful story. I want to make kids that happy.


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    Snow White rocks with all due hardness. And the guys wonder why I love WDW so much.
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    HOW CUTE!!! Even I had to put my hands on my mouth for that story. That was beautiful
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