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Cast Member Appreciation Discuss Sandy Dorfman in the Cast Members forums; The first thing I would like to do is apologize for not getting this posted sooner, my pc was on the fritz and so to Sandy, I say I am ...
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    Thumbs up Sandy Dorfman

    The first thing I would like to do is apologize for not getting this posted sooner, my pc was on the fritz and so to Sandy, I say I am sorry but have not forgotten what a wonderful job you did helping me at Christmas time.

    My family and I went to WDW for 10 days between Christmas and the New year and since I am a woman of size, I was having trouble finding holiday wear in larger sizes.

    Sandy was working at the 5&dime center at MGM and had another cast member watch the place while she went a few blocks away to a storage center to find me all the shirts left in larger sizes. I bought all that would fit.

    She did NOT have to do this, she could have said, this is all we have, but in true Disney spirit, she went above and beyond and I will NEVER forget it. I have been to WDW many times and she is the only cast member that I have given a cast tag to because she truly was what I expect a Disney cast member to be.

    Thank you Sandy for proving that some really do envelope what Walt wanted Cast Members to be.
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    Wow! What a super rep for Disney! I hope I get a chance to meet her one day. Hats off to a great cast memeber.
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    That is great Tracey!
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    That's a great story. She really went above and beyond.


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    Sometimes we forget that Disney can only be as wonderful and magical as the people who work there and make it so.
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    Great story! Thanks for sharing!

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