My family has been staying at the Old Key West ever since it became the official DVC resort. I wish I could remember the names of a couple of cast members who have always made our vacation so memorable.

One bus driver took us all the way to the Animal Kingdom lodge. Even though his heading said AK, we had told him we were waiting for a bus that would take us to Downtown or so and then we'd get on another one for the AK lodge. Instead, he said that he had time, and there was no one else on the bus except my family & I. He changed the heading (I dunno what they're called, but it's what tells us which bus it is) to "Special." (Everybody say "ooh" and "aah") While he drove us to the AK lodge, my parents did all the talking. He was the nicest bus driver/cast member ever. Not the others are not, but he was one of the nicest b/c he went out of his way to take us to the AKL. Although I don't think he'll see this, it's amazing what they'll do for you sometimes.

My second cast member experience was way back, probably when I was in 4th or 5th grade and my family & I were walking back to our rooms. A cast member came by in his golf cart, saw us walking, and offered us a lift, which was very nice of him to do so. And in addition, he let me drive the cart, which of course scared the daylight out of my siblings. But it was so cool, b/c we didn't have to walk the rest of the way back. We were a good ways from the hospitality house, so it was really nice. Kudos for that cast member!

Lastly, a few years ago, my family went to WDW for Christmas, and right outside of Olivia's Cafe (OKW), there was a chef out there w/ a bunch of plain cookies & frosting. People could come & decorate a cookie. And they were SOOOO good. Anyway, my dad became befriended the chef b/c he discovered the cookie decorating before the rest of us. I think his name was Tony (?). Anyway, he was a very nice guy, and of course, my dad liked him b/c he enjoyed decorating and eating the cookie. We have a picture of my dad w/ his cookie; he's so proud of it. Anyway, much thanks to Mr. Tony (if that is his/your name).

Yay for Disney World cast members for going out of their way just to make your vacation a memorable experience!!! Woo woo. It'd be even cooler if I got something for the Million Dreams thing. Check y'all later!