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Cast Members Discuss Great job, CM's in the Miscellaneous Disney forums; Just wanted to send a great big Thank You out to all the CM's. From various other threads, we read that they take a lot of verbal abuse, repeatedly answer ...
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    Great job, CM's

    Just wanted to send a great big Thank You out to all the CM's. From various other threads, we read that they take a lot of verbal abuse, repeatedly answer the same, seemingly stupid, questions. They help guests who are clueless, irritated, unhappy and joyless. I thank them for helping a family of newbies (see other post) to appreciate the history, tradition, and culture of Disney so that, what was a certain disaster, became an experience that changed them from hating it, after the first few hours, to becoming commited Disney fanatics-all because of a CM with a good bit of patience and a lot of knowledge. I appreciate how hard you all work, how difficult the public can make it and how you each do everything you can to enhance our experience. So thanks again to all the CM's, great job, well done and thanks for the magic.
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    I agree 100%. Thank you CM's!!!

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    thank you so much!
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    AS a former CM, it does take alot of patience but honestly, people like you guys who get the word out that we do work hard and have to answer the same questions over and over again, make it worth it. So thanks to you guys!
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    As a CM, I just want to thank you for your kind words.
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    I think CM's job are tough. In CM's shoulders have many responsibilities.
    But its also good if they work honestly and patience fully.
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    Re: Great job, CM's

    Yes, CM's... you deserve two thumbs up!

    Thanks for making all our vacations so magical!

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    Re: Great job, CM's

    I have seen some guests being unruly with the CM's and it always amazes me at how patient and calm they all have remained. We all get upseet with management decisions from time to time, but I think the CM's are the ones that truly keep Walt's vision and spirit alive and make us the Disney Fanatics that we are.

    Keep up the Great work guys!!!
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    Re: Great job, CM's

    For every dumb question I've posed, for helpful suggestion you've given me, for the smiles and the welcome greetings, and the wishes for a great day...thank you. You really are the "magic" that makes Disney.
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    Re: Great job, CM's

    I agree, most guests don't relize how hard CM's at WDW work. Dealing with the heat, abusive guests, and all the other issues that arise over the course of their shift.

    Thanks for all you do CM'S!

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