Hey y'all,

So for any of you who are CMs right now, I am jealous. I just moved down here and am trying to get a job at Disney, but I have been put on a waiting list for future considerations (quick service food & beverage). It's been almost a month now and I would think jobs would be opening up. I constantly check up on the Disney Jobline to see if openings have been made available or if the message has changed (it still says "limited openings at this time"). I would think a whole bunch of positions would've opened up by now since the last college program group has left (I know there's fresh blood coming in). If anyone who is a CM knows about the deal about openings, I would appreciate it. I have talked to a Cast Member at a career fair and applied for a couple of jobs via Disneycareers.com. But anyway, if anyone knows if Disney has started hiring people from the waiting list, I'd appreciate it (I don't wanna know how long it is, though). I do have to call my interviewer in a couple of days to let them know I'm still interested. But any answers (keep it optimistic if you can) would be grateful! Thanks!