Good morning all you random people out there.

First off, a little background info and then the question. I am a 25 yr old male, athletic, blonde and blue eyed. I have graduated college with a major in sociology and a minor in Theater. Since graduating, I have come to realize that acting and any creative media outlet is my calling. I had original plans to try moving to L.A. to get the ball moving towards an acting career (yes i know its hard but its what i want to do). I have just recently gone on a trip to Orlando and WDW. I LOVED IT! THe wishes songs and fireworks actually made me cry. I want in. So I plan to take another trip to Orlando in August to audition for a character (fur or face, dancer or extra, i will take what i can get). SO..
DOes anyone have any advice on the auditions and its process?

If i do get accepted;
Does anyone have advice on places to live, things to be expected, and anything that might come in handy.
I would appreciate any responses.

(A dream is a wish your heart makes when your asleep)