Hello friends!

My name is Regan and I'm currently a freshman musical theatre major at Ohio Northern University. I am very interested in working in WDW this summer in any capacity (re-locating is not an issue). I have a few questions.

1. I am interested in working in the entertainment field. I have researched about the audition process and everything. My question is, does Disney hire performers for only the summer?

2. If they do hire performers for just the summer, when would be the appropriate time to audition?

3. Do you have to submit an application prior to going to an audition?

4. If Disney does not hire performers for only the summer, do they hire other positions for only the summer? Like ride operators, tour guides, sales associates, etc? When should I apply?

5. I've seen on a lot of the Disney sites that a lot of positions require being bilingual. I am not bilingual, does it really hurt my chances of being hired?